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me sat on the beach wearing the mozy
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You may have realised by now that we are a very outdoorsy family. We love exploring new places, going on long walks and being close to nature. What you may not have realised about me is that I cannot stand being cold. In fact, once my body gets too cold I find it hard to warm up and that can often put a dampener on a day out. So, on those chillier days good clothing, a warm jacket and a blanket are often taken out with us especially if we are sitting somewhere for a picnic or on the beach. However, a blanket doesn’t really do a great job. With gaps around the underneath of you, the constant re-aligning of it due to the kids jumping on you and the lack of consistent warmth, sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it and I thought I was just destined to forever be moaning that I am cold. But then Get The Mozy contacted me…The Mozy is a brand new thermal wrap which wraps all the way around your lower half of your body, that fixes in place with velcro, that allows movement without any restrictions and has a thermal engineered design which prevents convective heat loss. Needless to say, I was very excited to give it a try and with a UK holiday booked we had the perfect opportunity to put the wrap through its paces for our Mozy review.


More On The Mozy

The idea of the Mozy was born because many of us enjoy the great outdoors, camping, watching our kids play sports and so on, but a blanket just doesn’t usually cut it. When Thermic Innovations LLC founder Charles was sat at his son’s chilly soccer game on a US October day he noticed how many parents were struggling to keep warm, how blankets fell down when they moved or stood up and how much of a distraction this was. He decided that he wanted to create a product that would tick all of the boxes for a wide variety of people and become the go-to item for their choice of activity. After more than 30 tried and tested innovations were designed the final Mozy idea was born. The Mozy is adjustable, it is snug and comfortable, it has handy pockets, a place for your keys, it has a snag-free hook and loop fastening, it is waterproof, windproof and also washable.

“The patent-pending, engineered design of the wrap features Sustained Heat Retention™ to prevent convective heat loss and keeps body temperatures from dropping in the cold or windy weather. The durable outer shell material and fleece-lined interior with concealed elastics helps hug Mozy close to your body”


two Mozy's

**The Mozy is a brand new product and is currently only available for pre-order here but this will guarantee you a fantastic discount (see below for further info). I will update you once it is live on their website too.**


The Mozy Review

First Thoughts

When I first opened the parcel, the Mozy looked to me as being something that would be very functional. The materials felt of a good standard, the fleece inner was lovely and soft and when I tried it on in the house, I very quickly became far too warm which was a great sign that this was going to do an amazing job for me! I really liked the touches of having pockets, the ease of the velcro and how adjustable it was both around the waist and in length.


Using The Mozy

Taking a Cornish holiday in August does not guarantee you good weather, in fact, in the 2 weeks that we were there I think we saw almost every weather possible. However, this won’t ever stop us from venturing out and even sitting on a chilly beach, sipping on hot tea, because we are Brits and that is what we do! We had looked forward to this break for so long and we were most definitely going to make the most of it and the Mozy came in handy very quickly. On the second trip to the beach, the wind got up a little too much for my liking and placing a towel over my legs just wasn’t enough so I whipped the Mozy out, simply wrapped it around my body, fastened it in place and within moments I was so happy. My body temperature began to regulate at a more comfortable level and I sat watching the boys playing in the sand without secretly hoping that everyone would want to go soon. In fact, we ended up spending the entire day there and had a fantastic time.

me sat on the beach wearing the mozy smiling at the camera

me sat on the beach wearing the Mozy looking out at the water


Adjusting The Mozy

This is how easy it is to stand up, adjust and velcro the Mozy…

As you can see, your feet are out which means you can easily go from standing to sitting and you can also walk freely. There are also 4 velcro tabs up the side which will allow you to adjust the length.

me standing up wearing the Mozy


The velcro runs down the left side just off centre. The elastic waistband means it fits a variety of sizes and is very comfortable.

me undoing the velcro on The Mozy


You can wear the Mozy slightly open or all the way up. You can quickly undo it when required or for readjustment.

me holding the mozy open


Other Features

The handy pockets mean that you can keep your valuables safe and don’t have to worry about taking a bag. This is perfect for security on the beach as the pockets aren’t obvious and you could fold the Mozy up whilst you went down to the sea and nobody would ever know that your phone and wallet were in there.

hand in the pocket of The Mozy


The Mozy also has a ring to attach your keys and you will be able to order 1 badge to stick onto a customisable velcro panel on the front too.

the mozy badge

After such a success from using the Mozy on this trip to the beach, they came with us on every outing after. They were easy to pop into the boot of the car and as they fold up into a bag shape, they are so easy to carry.

the mozy's tucked up in their pockets to make handy carry bags. They are in the boot with a rucksack, picnic bag and beach towel


Weather Test

We even got to put them through the waterproof test (thank you British summertime!)

The Mozy wet from a downpour on the beach

I can confirm that I continued to stay warm plus I was dry and protected from the wind.


“Mozy is also made of waterproofed Nylon to keep you warm and dry. Even if your sideline spot is in the mud, you can toss Mozy in the washing machine with a cold water gentle cycle and then tumble dry on low”


Family Tested

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the rest of the family, yes, the boys also got in on the Mozy act… And they loved it too!

William cozy in his Mozy

William was as snug as a bug in a (Mozy) rug after getting chilly in the sea. And when the fun is all just too much, the Mozy’s make a cosy place to take an afternoon nap…

both boys in the Mozy's having a rest with their eyes cosed


We certainly put our two Mozy’s to the test on this break and by the end of the holiday, they were firm favourites and will continue to be so too.

the boys sat on the beach in the Mozy's

When me and Rob were sat discussing how good these had been for us in Cornwall, we listed all the other ways in which we could use them– watching Jake at football practice (as it is now outside), on camping trips, on walks, for picnics, outdoor gigs, evening BBQ, star gazing nights or just sitting in the garden in the Autumn/Winter. They are also perfect if you are also doing 1000 hours outside like we are, as these will help you to stay outside for much longer.


Purchasing The Mozy

The Mozy is currently available for pre-order for October delivery. The usual price is $149 but if you pre-order here you can get one Mozy for £56/$75, 2 Mozy’s for £102/$135 or 4 for £207/$275. The price may seem a little high but from my experience of using them, I would most definitely say that these are an investment. They do an amazing job, they are easy to transport, they are hardwearing, they can be easily cleaned and they are a product that the entire family can use.


Overall Thoughts

This is such an innovative product: it works perfectly, it is useful, it is versatile and it will last us years to come. If you enjoy being outdoors but don’t enjoy the cold, this is the wrap for you.

To find out more about the Mozy you can visit their website here or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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*We were sent the Mozy’s in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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  1. Very very tempted by one of these for after wild swimming! Was looking at full body options but I think actually this would work really well and be useful when out and about with my three year old to keep her warm too. Thanks for the thorough review!

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