“Say Hello” Tummy Time Discovery Toy Review

say hello tummy time discovery toy review, 2 pictures of a baby on the toy

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Development for William may come at different stages due to his prematurity but one thing I am very positive about doing is providing plenty of sensory stimulation for him. As he has now been out for 19 weeks, his little mind wants to do so much more than his body can manage as he should only really be 11 weeks old. He has become frustrated with laying on the floor, he loves to have something to help him up and he adores watching toys, looking at bright colours and being interacted with. I remember how much my first son hated tummy time but to help us out, my cousin loaned us her tummy time cushion. It was such a useful baby product in aiding Jake in his movement so when Baby Sensory contacted us to review their “Say Hello” Tummy Time Discovery Toy I knew it would be a hit with William.

tummy time discovery toy

Tummy time is essential for strengthening the baby’s neck, shoulder and stomach muscles as well as encouraging them to straighten their arms, all of which will prepare them for crawling. Just a few minutes each day is beneficial and these cushions are designed to make it more comfortable, will provide extra support and add sensory stimulation to the activity. 

The “say hello” tummy time discovery toy can be used from birth and says it is great for movement, hand-eye coordination, engaging with the senses, social-emotional development, thinking and understanding as well as exploring. 

I had already tried William on the floor for his tummy time which always ended in upset and crying so I knew we needed a solution for him and as you can see, this was it…

baby on the say hello tummy time discovery toy

He absolutely loved it. Compared to the floor, he was in a much better position for lifting his body and head which meant he could look around and feel more in control.

The first thing I noticed about this cushion is how beautifully soft the material in the centre is. It has a silky, fleece texture and feels amazing next to the skin which would make a bit of tummy time just in a nappy very comfortable. The blue and green ends are just as soft but made from cotton. Each feature of this toy is there for a purpose. The stars and clouds are peek-a-boo flaps and all crinkle, the sun is also a mirror, there are plastic teething toys and the cute little moon plays a tune.

The sides also have sensory and stimulating areas with one featuring a moon and the other with a sun. So we have found other ways to entertain William with this toy. He absolutely loves it being held above him so he can see all the colours, he loves watching it being moved from side to side and he enjoys gazing up at the hanging toys.

This is a great way to encourage your baby to follow an object and to focus on shapes and colours. We have also found that it has become a nice focal point for him when he is laying on the floor. This encourages him to turn his head to take in the bright colours.

baby laying on the floor

Since we’ve been using this toy we have seen William manage to push himself forward and over the cushion, he is attempting to use his legs more and he is gaining better head control. Anything that makes my little guy happy and aids in his development gets a big thumbs up from me!

baby on tummy time toy next to a dog

You can purchase the “say hello” Tummy Time Discovery Toy for £19.99 from Baby Sensory, Argos, Littlewoods, Tesco Direct and Mothercare.

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*We received this product in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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