Skin Resurfacing Procedures Overview

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Your skin takes a beating throughout your life. Everything that goes into your body affects your skin, either positively or negatively. The same is true of anything you encounter or apply to your body, such as makeup or weather. Even natural changes in your body like hormone levels affect your skin, often in ways you may not like. To fix some of the damage caused by all of those issues, one option is to undergo skin resurfacing treatment. The question is which type of skin resurfacing is right for you? To answer that question, you need a better understanding of how each treatment works.

Skin Resurfacing Versus Other Types of Skin Treatment

Skin resurfacing is not the only type of skin treatment available. It is important to make a distinction between types of treatments. There are some treatments that are meant to strengthen skin layers that are deep. Other procedures only provide surface treatments. There is also a third category that treats the surface and some other layers.

Skin resurfacing procedures always involve the outermost portion of your skin. That is the visible part. Sometimes modern aesthetic equipment can treat that layer and other layers. There are even some skincare procedures customized to provide specific depths of treatment. What all laser skin resurfacing procedures have in common is they each get rid of materials on the top of your skin that you do not want. They exfoliate the skin to eliminate blemishes, dead skin, and even foreign substances that are trying to invade your pores.

When Skin Resurfacing Should be a Consideration

You might be wondering when you need to have some type of skin resurfacing, such as laser resurfacing, performed. When you still have very minor skin concerns, other methods may be better. For example, at-home wrinkle creams can be beneficial, if you choose those with reputations for working well. Conversely, if you let your skin become severely damaged before you seek treatment, surgery might become the only way to correct your skin damage.

Resurfacing procedures are best used to correct moderate levels of skin damage. However, there is a range of what is considered moderate. That is part of why it is necessary to have so many types and levels of skin resurfacing procedures available.

Exactly Which Skin Resurfacing Procedures Are Available?

Another question you may ask is “Exactly what skin resurfacing procedures are available?” Laser resurfacing is, of course, a well-known option. It is a popular treatment form because the accuracy of the laser lets you get exactly the level of treatment you need in the area in which you need it. However, chemical peels are also skin resurfacing procedures that are customized easily. Microdermabrasion and other methods are also options. Besides all these options, pioneers like Anand Medical Spa have some really amazing skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenating procedures if you are not sure about laser resurfacing. Ranging from microneedling, ulterapy, thread life, medical-grade chemical peels, and multiple botox treatment options, you can choose a perfect cosmetic procedure for yourself without going overboard with your budget.

Recovery from Skin Resurfacing Procedures Varies

In most cases, skin resurfacing does not have to disrupt your daily life. An hour or so is all it takes. However, it does disrupt your skin, which takes some time to heal. While it is healing, you might have photosensitivity, also known as sunlight sensitivity. You may also find that your skin is red or slightly uncomfortable for a short time after treatment. The depth of the treatment performed also affects how long full skin recovery takes.

Selecting the Skin Resurfacing Treatment for You

The convenience of most clinical skin resurfacing procedures is about equal today. However, costs do vary, as do the actual processes used. Sometimes, you may qualify for one type of process but not another, based on the current thickness, colour, and state of your skin. Ask experts at your local clinic to figure out what works for you, both in terms of your skin and your budget.

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