Sleep Sanctuary: Turn Your Bedroom into a Parent’s Paradise

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A child-free bedroom is something of a dream for many parents. From co-sleeping to your toddler crawling into your bed in the middle of the night, it’s hard to keep them out. But parents should still be able to get some time to themselves, and your bedroom can be a sanctuary where you get to relax and have some peace – at least, some of the time. If you want your bedroom to be somewhere you can feel is mostly yours, if not entirely your own, a redesign could be what you need. While baby things have their place, moving most things to another room could be the best idea.

Create a Luxurious Look

One of the ways you can reclaim your bedroom is by making it look more grown-up. If your baby is currently sharing your room, you might have a cot, a moses basket or a co-sleeper you don’t want to move. But everything else could potentially be changed to give your room a new look. Invest in some new bedroom furniture to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Your room doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t need to look like a child’s room with an adult bed in it. Try some luxurious fabrics and some artistic touches to elevate the decor.

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Get a New Mattress

Mattresses are a big thing at the moment. You can’t go a day without seeing a mattress advert trying to convince you that their mattress is best. A new mattress can definitely do a lot for your bedroom, making it a lot more comfortable. You don’t necessarily need a fancy one but I can highly recommend an organic mattress that uses all-natural & certified organic Materials, without the use of toxic chemicals, fire retardants or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.  Finding a comfortable, quality mattress is so important to get that good nights sleep. If you are set on an expensive mattress, try looking for discounts and pay in instalments to make it more affordable. There are so many brands out there and I have done some research and found a discount code and review of Emma mattress for those who are looking to upgrade their sleep experience.

Promote a Neat and Tidy Room

A tidy home might seem like a laughable idea when you have children. But your bedroom is the one space in the house where you have a bit more control. If you need a neat and tidy room to retreat to, your bedroom could be it. If you want to keep things looking clean, make sure you have plenty of storage. Put a laundry basket in your room for dirty laundry, and try a hanging rail for anything that’s not exactly clean but that you’re not finished wearing yet. It’s a good way to avoid having that one chair that you pile clothes on.

Choose Calming Colours

Pick the right colours for your bedroom too. Calming shades, from light neutral colours to pastels and warm hues too, can help to make your bedroom a more tranquil place. You might be in the mood to repaint, or you could add some new colours using other methods. Hang new curtains or get some new bedding to refresh your bedroom on a budget.

When you need a break, or you’re just ready for bed, your bedroom can be the perfect sanctuary. Now you just have to work out how to keep it to yourself.





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