Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas From For First Steps

sustainable Christmas gift ideas from for first steps

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you will be starting to wonder what to buy for all of the little people in your life. Not only do I have children of my own but I also have nieces and nephews, friends children and cousins to think of for birthdays as well as Christmas. But what do you get that will mean something, that will last and will be appreciated by the parents too? I know I certainly do not need any more plastic toys piling up in my living room and I am very wary of spending money on fad items that will only get played with a couple of times and then tossed to one side (we all know that feeling!)

With my mind turning more and more to sustainable ways of living I am desperate to make even more positive changes that will help our environment as well as save me money in the long run. Also, to save the money of those who will be buying for my boys. I feel so much guilt if they have spent a fortune on the latest trending toy only for it not to be loved. 

Noah's Ark toy

I have previously worked with Jana from For First Steps because I absolutely love the ethos of her company and it seemed you all did too! The competition to win a wooden Noah’s Ark (pic above) went down a storm so I have been looking over her website again to get some fantastic Christmas sustainable gift ideas to share with you.

My Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas


To begin with, you cannot have Christmas without a nativity set, can you? And just look at this gorgeous wooden set from Lanka Kade. Suitable for 10 months and up, this eco-friendly toy can be played with or even just set up as a display in your home. It includes a baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angel, Shepherd, the 3 Kings, camel, sheep and lamb figures. 

A little note about the brand: The UK-based company Lanka Kade specialises in fair trade wooden toys and gifts for children. Lanka Kade are recognised by BAFTS as a fair trade importer and their colourful toys are handmade in Sri Lanka.

nativity set a lovely sustainable christmas gift



When it comes to sustainable Christmas gift ideas this one is definitely one of my favourites and I have had my eye on this one for a while… as has Jake! This brightly coloured pirate ship comes fully equipped with three pirates, a canon, plank, a moving anchor and a treasure chest. Hours of fun will be had with this!

Also a Lanka Kade toy (see above for note on the brand).

pirate ship



This product really stood out to me because it isn’t your run of the mill dollhouse. I love how it is open and how each section moves around so can become almost a different toy each time your child plays with it. It comes complete with modern furniture for your child to be able to create a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room. It also has a chandelier and 2 sliding doors. Isn’t it just simply adorable? 

A little note about the brand: Plan Toys offer sustainable, safe, eco-friendly wooden toys. Plan Toys are ethically made in Thailand from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. 

slide and go dollhouse


I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a bath toy. My children absolutely adore a bath and the highlight has to be the choosing of the toys before they get in! However, I am so fed up of plastic things going rotten and mouldy and having to be constantly replaced. Some can be a real health hazard, can’t they?! This polar bear toy is different as it is made from wood from rubber trees which means it is not only eco-friendly, it will be far more durable, it will last and will be popular with all younger aged children. A perfect sustainable Christmas gift idea. There are so many other options on For First Step’s website too and the range is just fantastic.

Also by Plan Toys (see above for note on the brand).

polar bear bath toy


As William is starting to think about walking I really want to encourage this but have you noticed how the plastic walkers easily topple over? Due to this, he is very reluctant to use Jake’s old one so I need something that is far more sturdy and built to last. I adore these cute van walkers and they even double up as toy storage too! Double win!!

By Plan toys




When I was a child I remember one of my favourite toys being a hand puppet. He would come everywhere with me and I loved him. I think it stemmed from the Sooty and Sweep days and the love of the idea that your soft toys could come to life. I still think they are so much fun and I they are a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination and get them role-playing. For First Steps have 12 to choose from but I just had to show you these winter-themed designs.

A little note about the brand: Chunki Chilli is a British company that designs and produces hand-knitted soft toys in soft organic cotton. Production takes place in rural Sichuan, China, where they are giving employment to local families.



With the weather turning extremely chilly I think we could all do with one of these warming cushions. Each can be simply popped into the microwave and used to warm yourself and to alleviate muscle or period pain. They are completely safe for children to use and are perfect for warming their bed before they hop in at night. I would also personally buy one for elderly relatives as the cold can cause havoc for arthritis. 

A little note about the brand: The endearing soft toys and essentials from EFIE are made in Germany under high ecological standards. EFIE is one of the few companies in the industry that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. The company has recently been nominated for the National German Sustainability Award 2019.


There are just so many more products I could talk about but instead of sitting here reading all about it why not get shopping right now?!

And to make this shopping experience even more worthwhile £1 from every sale goes to For First Steps’ chosen charities: ‘Best Beginnings’ a charity that sets out to reduce inequalities in child and maternal health in the UK and ‘Women and Children First’ a charity that protects the lives of vulnerable expecting mothers, their babies and children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. So, your purchase will not only be helping to create a more sustainable way of living, it will also be helping to change others’ lives which is precisely why I am a huge fan of this company and will continue to support them.

I hope this post has opened your eyes to what sustainable Christmas gift ideas there are available to you and that you will find something that will be perfect for a member of your family.

Have a fantastic Christmas

*This post contains an affiliate discount code. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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