Sustainable Decor – How To Use Natural Materials In Your Home

natural materials used in the home
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If you’re reading my blog, it’s safe to say that you probably have a burning passion for living a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle like I do! A big part of living a more sustainable life is ensuring that the products you use in your home are responsibly sourced and sustainable, to help preserve the world for generations to come.

This goal of responsible and sustainable living should also extend to your home’s décor, in the midst of the green revolution, there is ample opportunity to use natural sustainable materials in your décor, rather than plastics and human-made synthetic materials.

So, how can you introduce more natural materials into your home? Well read on and I’ll give you a few examples!

Wood – Rustic Venetian Window Shades

When it comes to natural materials in décor, wood is a popular choice and has been for hundreds of years before plastics and other man-made materials became available. If you’re looking for a way to add wood into your home, there is no better way than by installing some rustic wooden venetian shades to your windows, not only can you rest easy knowing that you have beautiful natural blinds, but they’ll also add a splash of the classic farmhouse style to your home.

Linen – Mediterranean Tablecloths & Bed Sheets

Linen is another natural material which was favoured throughout history before the creation of synthetic and artificial materials. Linen is loved for being a lightweight and breathable fabric and is especially loved in the warmer regions of the world. Linen is still a décor mainstay in the Mediterranean, commonly used for bed linens and tablecloths, so you can give your home a warm Mediterranean feel this Summer by using linen to cover your dining room table and to dress your bed.   

Jute – 70’s Inspired ‘Rattan’ Style Furniture

Across South Asia and North Africa, Jute is an incredibly common natural material used in all aspects of life, from making practical items like rope or bags, to more ornate uses like patterned rugs. More recently Jute has been used as a more environmentally conscious stand-in for wicker and rattan, given the current hype around 70’s inspired décor, a great way to use jute would be to use ‘rattan’ style furniture which was a hallmark of 70’s décor made from jute in your home.

Bamboo – Japanese Inspired Wall Panelling

Bamboo has been used across Asia for centuries and is an incredibly sustainable material to use thanks to the fact it grows so quickly. While there are many ways to use bamboo in your home’s décor, such as rugs, window shades and even tableware, but as Japanese inspired interiors are so hot right now, it only seems right to highlight Bamboo’s use in wall panelling, Bamboo wall panels work well as either a statement feature wall, or to create a delightful minimalist look in your home.

While this article isn’t an exhaustive source for sustainable materials (I haven’t even mentioned wool, cork or stone!), or their uses, it is a good starting point for those starting off their own sustainable living journey!

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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