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Why YOU Time Is So Important

When you become a parent your entire life changes as do all your priorities. Pre-baby you would work hard all week and then get to chill out in the evenings. You would get to the weekend and recuperate ready for the following week by spending those two days however you wished; maybe lying in bed, going to the pub or having a leisurely afternoon walk. Once your baby comes along the days roll Continue reading “Why YOU Time Is So Important”

women whispering about another woman- bullying

Bullying in Other Forms

Whenever we think of bullying I’m sure most of us think of a mean kid in a playground picking on a nerdy kid; but what about other forms which may not be quite so obvious?

There are those people who try to make themselves feel better by belittling others in such a subtle way that those around may not even realise what is happening under their noses. The trouble is every single Continue reading “Bullying in Other Forms”