woman holding a hair dryer with hair blowing to the side

How To Deal With Your New ‘Mum’ Hair

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When you become a Mum one of the biggest and obvious changes to your body can be your hair. Every one of us will see very different results and not all will be positive but, as we know, our bodies and our hormones are ever-changing which can lead to a variety of issues including hair loss, hair weakness, greasy hair, dry hair, flat hair and out of control hair. But how do we cope with all of this on top of having a new baby? Here are few tips and tricks which should help you to deal with your new ‘Mum’ hair and some very easy and quick ways to change your hairstyle. Continue reading “How To Deal With Your New ‘Mum’ Hair”

lady holding out a brush with hair on it

How To Cope With That Dreaded Postpartum Hair

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As all Mum’s know, hair can be a major problem both during and after pregnancy. We can end up gaining more, losing rather a lot and ending up with fluffy baby hair that cannot be tamed. But what can you do? What works for this postpartum hair and will it ever be the same again? Here are a few tips to help you to cope with it. Continue reading “How To Cope With That Dreaded Postpartum Hair”