Tell-Tale Signs that it is Time for you to Move Home

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Making the decision to move house can be a tough one. At times you may feel as though you just can’t bring yourself to leave the home you have now, but on the flip side, you know that you need a bigger space for both you and the family.

Bursting at the Seams

Think about it, have you outgrown the home that you have now? Maybe the family is getting bigger by the year, but the number of bedrooms stays the same. You might even find that you are queuing up to use the bathroom every single day as well. Either way, moving house is the only real solution if you have a growing family. It’s important for everyone to have their own space, and their own bedroom as well. Sure, sometimes an expansion can work but it really is only a temporary solution. If the extension does not flow with the theme of your home, then you may find that you actually end up devaluing your property as a result and this is the last thing that you need if you are considering a sale.

Empty Nest

It’s not always about needing a bigger property. Sometimes you might need a smaller one. You may find yourself walking into rooms, wondering to yourself the last time it was vacuumed. You may even have trouble working out which one of your child’s bedrooms you need to convert as well. This can leave you with a lot of difficult decisions and you may even find that you are left with an empty nest as a result. Downsizing can really help you to stay on top of your house and you won’t have to face re-decorating rooms which have held memories for years.

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The Winter

Sometimes the weather can really get you down. Some cities are naturally colder than others, and eventually, it can get to the point where you just want to move. You might have found yourself looking at homes online time and time again, or you may dream of having sun all-year-round. If this sounds like you then this would indicate that it is in fact time to move. Location is everything, and if you are not happy with where you are right now then moving may be the only option. If you want to find a home that is going to meet your requirements in the new location then why not look into Redrow Developments?

Meeting Someone

Life works in mysterious ways. You might say to yourself that you are going to be single forever and that nothing is going to change this, until that special someone comes around. If you have met someone then it may be time to move. Sure, the one-bedroomed cottage you have right now may be suitable for just you, but is it suitable for two people? You may find that you just don’t have enough closet space or even that you want to start a family. Moving can be a fantastic way for you to take that next step.

Your Humble Abode

If things are going well at work, then you may be given a promotion. You might have also landed a few new clients, and now you are earning more than you ever were. This can lead you to browsing online magazines looking at new kitchens or even bathrooms. This is great, but sometimes upgrading one or two rooms isn’t enough. If your home needs upgrading across the board then this may cost you way more money than it’s worth. You may also find that your home won’t suit the upgrades you are looking at as well, and for this reason, a new property might be on the cards.


Eventually, you are going to have to think about retirement. The day will come when you just don’t want to continually stay on top of the house, or when you can’t walk miles to get to the local bar. Being in close proximity to everything you need can really help you out when you get older, so think about it. What have you always wanted to do? Play golf? Sail? Take the grandkids to school? If these are the dreams you have then try and find a house that can give you all of this. It may even involve moving to a new city, but when you do, you can then feel confident knowing that you are achieving everything you wanted and that you are living the life you deserve.


Nobody likes to stress out over utility bills. If the bills are building up, then moving house may be the solution. When you have a smaller property, you can easily use less energy and less water. As if that wasn’t enough, the mortgage will be much cheaper and it will also give you much more financial leeway. This can work wonders for your stress levels and it can also help you to be way happier in your day to day life too.

The Neighbourhood

Are you up all night because of the barking dogs next door? Maybe you know that the neighbourhood is going downhill and there isn’t much that you can do to stop it. Either way, it may be time to get out while you can. Sometimes a neighbourhood that is moving in the wrong direction can be a compelling argument when it comes to selling your home and if you don’t get out now then it could make it even harder in the future.


Do you feel as though you are constantly trying to improve your home? Maybe you feel as though the jobs never stop, and that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get on top of everything. Some projects are just never done, no matter what you do. If your home is in a sellable condition right now, then it may be time to leave it all behind. You can then buy a home that is perfect for what you need right now.

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