The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds & Recreational Areas

a playground with artificial greass

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Artificial grass offers a safer environment for children’s playgrounds and recreational areas compared to real grass. It can be customised according to your preference in its colour, quality, and durability and should last you for many years.

There are so many benefits of using artificial grass in a children’s play area and it can serve a multitude of purposes of which we are going to cover here:


  1. Artificial grass can help reduce the risk of a severe injury occurring should any children fall or stumble. With it’s softer feel, it will absorb the shock of the fall, lessening the severity of an impact. Although you can use sands or wood chips, artificial grass is still one of the best options.


  1. It provides a smooth and soft surface under your feet. This means that you can feel reassured if they decide to play barefoot in the warmer months. They can also play on the surface without the risk of allergies flaring up.


  1. Since artificial grass offers a more even and flat surface, children of all ages and abilities can enjoy and have fun in the playground. 


  1. Natural grass and sand surfaces can become very messy areas, especially during the rainy seasons. Fortunately, artificial grass can’t absorb rain and does not produce dust or mud when played on.


artificial grass close up


  1. Although the installation process is quite expensive and intensive, it does not require any regular maintenance work.


  1. Depending on its quality, some types of artificial grass can endure heavy foot traffic which, in the case of playgrounds, will be extremely beneficial. 


  1. Although rubber surfaces are popular as playground surfaces, it can’t endure extreme weather conditions such as heat waves. Artificial grass, however, can endure both extreme heat and cold. 


  1. It can be customized to different hues of colours to make it look more natural. Although synthetic, it offers a more natural vibe to a playground and maintains a good look all year round.


  1. It also offers a safe and eco-friendly environment for kids as well as parents. Since natural grass requires the use of fertilizers and pesticides, it may at times not be suitable for children to play on.

ball on artificial grass


  1. This grass dries very quickly after a downpour and yet still maintains its colour and elegance because it doesn’t absorb this water. It directs the water into the soil making it dry in a few minutes so that the kids can enjoy it.



So, the next time you think of having a playground created at your house or in your community, you may want to consider the benefits of using artificial grass.


*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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