The Easiest Way To Clean a Microwave

a lemon in a bowl going into a microwave

Cleaning your home or appliances shouldn’t ever be tough work or involve lots of harmful chemicals. Having swapped to all natural cleaning a few years ago, I have discovered that we only need a handful of safe and eco-friendly products to do almost every cleaning job going and here I am going to share THE easiest way to clean a microwave. I promise you will never look back.

What You Will Need

A Lemon



Clean cloth

The Method

Half fill your bowl with water

Cut your lemon in half

Add this to your bowl and place it inside your microwave

Pop the microwave on for 3 minutes

Carefully remove the bowl

Take a clean damp cloth and wipe all around the inside. Grime and dirt should simply lift away. For any tough marks, dip your cloth into the bowl of lemon water and use this to clean.

To see this in action you can check out my Instagram reel below:

You will be left with a sparkling and sweet-smelling microwave in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.

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