THE Guide to Summer Holiday in Germany

Hamburg in Germany
*Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Germany is a country with numerous interesting attractions. If you are a lover of history or want to experience a modish culture, Germany should be on top of your summer holiday places list. The country is home to beautiful castles that carry great significance in the history of world architecture. The beautiful landscapes within the country create breathtaking views for you to enjoy while on your summer holiday.

If you are travelling to Germany alone, it is essential to learn at least some basic German language. Having a little understanding of the locals’ language is not only a sign of respect but also eases communication. Many platforms offer German language lessons for beginners: one of these is Babbel that gives you the opportunity to learn German online anywhere and anytime through easy hands-on lessons and a fun interactive app.

While in Germany for holiday, here are some of the popular activities you can engage in to spice up your stay.

Rent a car and drive around Bavaria

Bavaria is the largest state in Germany, located in the southeast part of the country, and borders Austria and Czech Republic. The area has a rich history of the country and contains many tourist attraction sites. Some of the attraction sites in Bavaria include mountain peaks, rolling hills, and lakes that create beautiful scenery. Neuschwanstein, King Ludwig II castle, offers a spectacular site for visitors. The castle has a fantastic view of the Bavarian Alps rising above a forest and a lake. The Neuschwanstein castle is globally known after it inspired the creation of Walt Disney’s theme park. Munich is the capital of Bavarian and also the third-largest city in Germany. The city has numerous attractions, including unique buildings such as the Neues Rathaus.

Bavaria Germany

Get some Urban Culture in Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. The city has people from different cultural backgrounds. While on your visit to Germany, you should make a stop in Berlin. The urban culture and freedom of the people in the German capital are worth a try. Some peculiar things in Berlin include the Biergartens, clubs, and street art. During your stay in Berlin, you can rent a tram to move around the city. City residents in Berlin higher trams and use them to hold parties while on the move. The freedom and urban lifestyle in Berlin allow people to drink in public without interference.

Visit Hamburg

Hamburg offers the best nightlife in Europe. The city boasts of fascinating historical architecture and futuristic high-rise buildings. Located on the River Elbe, Hamburg is the second-largest metropolis in Germany and has more bridges than any other city in the world. If you are looking for a place to dine, Hamburg has several world-class dining restaurants that you can visit. For international tourists, the main gateway to this city is through Hamburg Airport (Flughafen Hamburg), which provides a variety of international and domestic flights. From the airport, visitors can easily access Miniatur Wunderland by public transportation or taxi, with the journey taking approximately 30 minutes. However, to better understand the location and the airport overall, many tourists can check the latest Hamburg airport information for flight schedules, transportation options, and any travel advisories before making their trip. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable visit to one of the most unique and detailed model railway exhibits in the world.

Dreamy Dresden

If you want to learn about history and architecture in Germany, Dresden is the best place to visit. Dresden is the capital of Saxony. It is known for being the most prestigious cultural centres in Germany. The Zwinger Palace, an example of Baroque architecture, is located in Dresden. To make your visit to Dresden a memorable experience during your summer holidays, get a unique souvenir from the vendors located in different parts of the city.


The Mosel Valley

The Mosel Valley is the best destination for wine lovers in Germany. It is the leading area in the production of white wine in the entire country. Lined with beautifully terraced hilltop castles, this region is one of Germany’s most beautiful sights. A visit to the Mosel Valley will get you away from the city hustles and immerse you in deep German culture.

The destinations mentioned above are just part of many others within Germany. Luckily, Germany is the safest country in Europe to visit during this summer thanks to strict regulations during the Coronavirus pandemic. Start planning your holidays here and get a taste of some diverse food, culture and lifestyle.

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