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There is no shortage of advice related to decluttering items within your home. Following the release of a popular tidying-up manual, it has seemed as though the world was on a cleaning spree for many years and this popularity has not waned in the slightest.

During the pandemic, a lot of people found the time they’d never had before to declutter their items and get rid of things that no longer sparked joy. While this can be a great use of your time and lead to benefits within the home, decluttering is not the final step in the process. Even though most books end when unwanted items are thrown away or discarded, other things need to be done to ensure your home remains organized otherwise, you will soon find yourself back to square one and dealing with excess clutter again. This is the guide you have been needing, as we are going to share how you can now organize the remaining items and prevent clutter from taking over once more. Keep reading to ensure that your decluttering efforts have a lasting effect.

Why Clutter Always Comes Back

Decluttering can take a long time. If you have ever embarked on a cleaning-up or decluttering journey yourself, then you are all too familiar with the amount of effort it requires. Days, weeks, or even months can go by before you notice a dent in your items and experience the benefits that this process claims to provide. With all this time and effort, people want to see long-lasting results from tidying up but do not always. No matter how many items you have purged, you may find that your home falls victim to clutter once more within a matter of months. There is one main cause for returning clutter – not having dedicated spaces for what you own.

While the majority of your time should be spent on decluttering and removing the items you no longer want or need from your home, there is a portion of time left that you need to use wisely. This is at the end of the process, where you work out what you have left and where it should go. Finding a place for everything is the way you can ensure long-term results from your tidying-up journey and is where most people go wrong.

Creating A Space For Everything

Likely, clutter always returns to your home because you simply do not have enough space for your items. Even after a purge of what you own, there may be a range of items left that have no dedicated space within your home. There are various examples of this, but décor items are a common issue for most homeowners. There will be some items you want to keep simply because they look good, they hold sentimental value or they fit with the interior design of your home. These are all valid reasons for holding onto items, but they can easily cause clutter once more without a dedicated space. Clutter takes many forms and will vary based on what room you are working in. For example, common clutter items in the living room – which is a shared space for the family – are ornaments and décor items, along with spare cords, remotes, and other tools for the entertainment system.

Following your decluttering, it may be easy for you to find spaces for useful items like remotes and cables for your entertainment system. These will find a home in a dedicated drawer or shelf near the TV, allowing them to be found easily when required. The décor items, however, are less easy to organize. Without an excess of surfaces and shelving, you will find that the pieces you love or that hold sentimental value are being ignored. They are not being appreciated for what they are and instead become items of clutter that cause stress as they have nowhere to go. Without a lot of storage space, you can overlook items, damage things that you once loved or fall back into the trap of clutter once more.

To prevent items you love from becoming clutter, you need a dedicated space for them within the living room – somewhere you can keep these items safe, visible, and easily accessible without causing organization issues. Storage solutions like display cabinets are a great option for various items in the living room and should be considered.

Should I Buy A Display Cabinet?

You may be wondering whether you should buy living room display cabinets based on the items you have left following a decluttering. This can be a great solution for most homes, as it gives you a dedicated space to show off your remaining items without causing issues elsewhere. Display cabinets for the living room come in many forms. Like other pieces of living room furniture, you can find something that suits your specific interior design and size requirements quite easily by shopping online, as retailers have a ton of options. With a display cabinet in the living room, you can hold onto the items you enjoy and make the most out of them. Instead of allowing these décor items to get lost in everything else you use or cause more clutter, you can keep the room organized with a simple display cabinet. A dedicated space for your décor items allows you to maintain high standards of organization in the living room while also holding onto the pieces that bring you joy.

By having a specific area for décor, ornaments, or other sentimental pieces, you can prevent clutter from overtaking the living room again. Everything will have its place, making it easy to clean and keep this way for years to come. If you have been considering whether a living room display cabinet is the right move for you, consider what items you are holding onto and where they currently reside. If there is no dedicated space for them, then a display cabinet can be of great use to you following decluttering.

Decluttering your space may seem like the hard bit but it can be even harder staying on top of it but now with these tips, you will be able to do just that and ensure that your home stays organised for years to come.

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