The Perfect Reusable On-The-Go Products from Net Zero Company

the on the go eco products laying on the grass under a tree

I love finding new ways of reducing our plastic waste, living more sustainably and producing less waste. I have the baby/toddler bits sussed now, I have managed to significantly reduce plastic bottles in the bathroom and our kitchen area has many eco-products used in it now so my next steps are to work out where else in our lifestyles we can make positive changes. This year we are taking part in the 1000 hours outside scheme which encourages more activities outdoors and getting in touch with nature rather than being sat inside in front of a screen and this made me realise that we needed more on the go products to help us to be outside all day without the need of buying packaged food items or disposable items such as cutlery and cups so when I saw Net Zero Co’s On-The-Go Reusable Kit it was just the perfect solution.

What The Reusable On-The-Go Kit Includes

  • Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle with Handle
  • Bamboo Cutlery Set with Handkerchief and Pouch
  • 4 Pack Silicone Sealer Bags Set
  • Portable Collapsible Silicone Coffee Mug
  • Portable Telescopic Straw with Keychain Case and Cleaning Brush

I was also very sent the Snack Town Triad which is three stainless pots with silicone lids which are a great addition to this kit and makes this the perfect reusable on-the-go kit for anyone who loves to get out and about.

Water Bottle

Not only is the design of this water bottle just absolutely stunning it is also extremely useful. As it is double-warm insulated it will keep your cold drink at this temperature for 24 hours and a hot drink lovely and hot for you for 12 hours. It has a bamboo lid with a metal handle making it easy to carry around even if you don’t have a bag on you. It is leak-free, can hold up to 600ml of liquid and can, of course, be used time and time again.

carrying the water bottle

Bamboo Cutlery Set

This adorable set comes in several stunning designs but I just couldn’t resist the whales. Packed with a bamboo spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, straw, cleaning brush plus a handkerchief, you’ll have everything you could possibly need for your picnic. The bamboo is sustainably sourced and has antibacterial qualities to prevent mould growth.

Silicone Sealer Bags

These non-toxic, BPA free, silicone bags are a great way to store food at home as well as on the go. Made from a thick material they are hardwearing and clearly built to last. They have airtight zip locks on the top and can be used to keep food in the fridge and the freezer. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe meaning you can wash them safely to be used time and time again.

Portable Collapsible Coffee Mug

This is so clever! When this arrived I couldn’t actually tell what it was as it was so flat. Once I opened it I quickly worked out how to open it up to reveal a cute coffee mug. I love this idea because this wouldn’t take up much space in any bag, it could easily be kept in a glove compartment or handbag, even a pocket and there is no risk of breakages. Made from leak-proof silicone, it can hold 350ml liquid and is perfect for anybody on the go. It has a buckle that can sit over the mouthpiece when you aren’t drinking from it which will help to stop any spillages and it also has a cup sleeve to protect your hands from burning.

coffee cup expanded

Portable Telescopic Straw

This is an 11.5 cm straw which can be folded down and kept inside its portable case which comes with a keyring meaning you can attach this to a bag, keys, belt look etc and not have to worry about losing it. It also comes with a brush, meaning you can clean your straw after each drink and reuse it as and when you need to.

the metal straw pulled out, the case and the brush to clean it with


Snack Town Triad

Made from stainless steel, these three pots are just perfect for carrying snacks such as chopped up fruit or veg, biscuits, crisps and so on. The silicone lids keep the pots airtight as well as leakproof making them ideal for lunchboxes, bags and picnics. They are dishwasher safe and each pot sits happily in the next one for easy storage.

snack triad
snack triad inside eachother

Out and About

We took the reusable on-the-go products out on a trip to the park and woods to test each of them. The telescopic straw easily clipped onto the backpack:

the straw attached to the bag

We took lots of snacks and fruit for our after school picnic:

the on the go products out on the bench
eating fruit out of the triad pots

The straw came in handy for William’s cup of water:

william about to drink his water through a straw

And I didn’t forget myself!!

the coffee cup

Overall Thoughts

This would make such a wonderful gift for anybody who is outdoorsy, who commutes a lot, who wants to reduce their waste or who likes to visit a lot of places throughout the year. I think it is ideal for plenty of people and is a great solution for the disposable problem our world faces. Reusable all the way!

And to be in with the chance of winning an on-the-go set of your choice head over to my Instagram account now! (competition ends 24/03/20)

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*I was gifted these reusable on-the-go products in exchange for providing information on them and/or a review. All opinions are my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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