Top Tips For Staying Stylish After Having Kids

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After becoming a parent, understandably your focus shifts from yourself to your new-born baby. Children need a lot of care, love, and attention, especially when they are small. It’s very easy for us to become wrapped up in looking after our children and forget about looking after ourselves. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself. Being constantly with a young child can be tiring, combine that with constant interruptions, lack of sleep and your body recovering from pregnancy and birth, it’s no surprise that lots of parents end up burning out. Everyone needs and deserves a break and there’s no shame in that.

The way we dress can have a huge impact on how we feel. This is because appearance is linked to self- confidence, and personality. However, we can easily forget about style and fashion when we’re busy looking after little ones. While you may not be able to purchase a new closet full of clothes every month, there are many ways in which you can continue looking stylish – even after having a baby.


Becoming a Mum doesn’t stop you from showing off your personality in the way you dress. Some items of clothing may no longer be practical, but don’t throw them out forever. As your baby gets older, you may find you are able to wear some of these items again. But for now, you could consider simply incorporating your favourite colour into your outfit. As they grow, you can also start adding additional pieces like jewellery into your outfits. Bags are another great way to add personality and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Saint Laurent bags are beautifully designed to fit your every need.

A lot of this can also be applied if you are a new Dad. You may be just as tired as Mum and you may also feel as though you are slipping into a fashion slump, but don’t forget who you were before. Tidy up your look by matching items that you may not have done before, think about how shoes, belts and ties can add a finishing touch and check out what other Dads are also sporting.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Running around after children can put a huge strain on your clothes. If you’re looking for something nice to wear, but all of your clothes are frayed or stained, then now might be the time to consider revamping your wardrobe. Donate your old, unworn items to charity, keep capsule items (white shirts, t-shirts, jeans, black trousers) that can easily be worn in different ways and invest in some key items that will help to make you feel and look great. For that, the best place to find the most trending, beautiful and appropriate clothes is from Miss Allurie.

The Finishing Touch

Although we’ve already talked about using accessories to add personality to our style, there are many other examples of how we can add an instant boost to our self-esteem without it costing too much money. One example to boost our confidence is to go for a haircut. Although this might sound obvious, having our hair cut and styled can improve our confidence no end. Why not think about looking for a more manageable style, which will not only look good but will also save you time getting ready in the morning? One thing that both parents may experience at this time in life is hairless. Lack of sleep, stress, hormones, lack of time to take care of yourself can all be contributors but there are always options to help. For women, make sure you visit your hairdresser regularly for a good cut and advice. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to help strengthen those ends and stay away from heat for as long as possible. Once your hormones straighten themselves out you should find that new baby hair will grow in place of what you have lost and it will eventually look as good as it did pre-kids. Men, do as above but unfortunately, your hair loss could well just be down to genetics. In which case you may want to look into other options such as hair replacement surgery, a human hair toupee or a wig. These look so natural these days that nobody will ever know.

Looking stylish is important to most of us and having a baby doesn’t change this. When you look stylish you automatically feel more confident and have higher self-esteem. There is a direct link between the way in which you see yourself and your choice of clothing, so why not start feeling great again in the outfits that suit your personality and one that you choose to wear?

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