Unbe-leaf-able Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Area For Autumn

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Although the summer season hasn’t ended yet, it’s safe to say that pumpkin season is getting closer. This gloomy period of the year is maybe one of the most loved because it’s the perfect time for lounging while the weather gets chillier by the day. 

However, besides being cosy and re-watching the Twilight series, preparing for the winter that’s to come is important before the real autumn settles in. That means changing your wardrobe, thoroughly cleaning and preparing the house. You may have more time for indoor chores, but when it comes to your space around the house, it’s best to get ready before the freezing weather settles in. So, here’s how to improve your outdoor area for autumn. 

Take care of furniture and accessories 

If you want your furniture and co. to last as much as possible, you need to ensure the materials are well-maintained. While they may look alright, withstanding extreme weather conditions will affect the textiles in time. Even if it hasn’t been exposed to direct sunlight, furniture is affected by humidity, for example.

One way to protect outdoor upholstery fabric is by cleaning them frequently with only warm water and soap and letting them air dry. However, each type of material requires special attention. While wood is durable, it should be kept away from water and humidity long-term. 

Concrete requires the least amount of attention but is more challenging to move from one place to another. Regardless of these materials, the textiles used in the covers for furniture have to be washed and put in a place where there’s no risk of mould. 

Finally, deal with what’s inside the garage 

Treating the garage as a storage space may be easier because it’s spacious and doesn’t need cleaning. However, if you don’t do seasonal organising, you may find useless junk thrown around that doesn’t serve any purpose and must be removed. At the same time, this is an excellent start for putting your summer things away and bringing out the autumn/winter essentials. 

Start by taking everything out on the driveway and sort things into specific piles for throwing away, donating, selling or simply putting back for the following summer. This way, it’ll be easier to see how many things you really have. Then, bring out the gear for the colder weather, and you’re done!

Check your deck, roof, windows 

Once autumn settles in, temperatures will start decreasing until it finally reaches a frozen state, so you must ensure that the climate won’t affect your house. That’s why your deck needs a thorough cleaning and a waterproofing service so the rain and snow won’t alter the wood, and you won’t be prone to slips and unpleasant accidents. Doors and windows also need some caulk for gaps and cracks, as well as waterproofing so that you won’t lose any heat during colder days. 

Your roof also needs attention. Get up there and make sure there’s no damage or missing shingles. If you’re not a pro in this sector, call a professional and allow them to check any unseen signs of trouble thoroughly. 

Lastly, cleaning the gutters is recommended because falling leaves might turn into debris, and debris is not a great thing to have when it’s freezing outside. 

Clean the yard and garden 

No matter how big or small your garden is, it’s essential to clean it from time to time. Although it’s better to leave the leaves as they are since they can help create a rich habitat for certain insects and wildlife by way of snow mould diseases that might affect your plants. If you want to help the soil, you can instead collect the leaves and use them as a base for compost. 

When it comes to outdoor plants, it’s best to clean their dead parts, remove invasive weeds and prune them with care so they’re ready to withstand the cold weather. You can also plant cover crops in early autumn to prevent soil erosion and help the soil with protecting organic matter. Some of these crops include rye, vetch or clover. 

Make sure nothing freezes 

Preparing for autumn also means getting ready for the upcoming winter. So, during November, if temperatures are close to freezing, it would be best to mind some things to prevent them from tearing. For example, your air conditioner needs to get winterised by shutting it down, removing any of its debris, covering the unit and waxing the outside. For window units, you have to remove the AC and store it somewhere safe, like the garage. 

It would also be recommended to disconnect your garden hoses because otherwise, the risk of weakening and stretching too much will eventually tear the hose. Outdoor spigots must also be closed if you want to avoid bursting pipes and having to pay insane bills. 

Finally, check out the snow blower and ensure it still works. If not, get it checked or get a new one, because this will save you during the winter, when during the night, a lot of snow falls, and you’re surrounded by it. 

Don’t panic; you’ve got enough time!

Depending on how seasons unfold, you have to do all these things accordingly, so don’t rush it if the weather is still warm in early November. At the same time, each house is different, so take these tips and personalise them in regard to your home’s features. But it’s best to always be prepared for when a sudden cold day comes, so take it step by step. 

Bottom line 

We’re so excited for the autumn’s flavourful ways of talking us into a deep melancholy. Still, despite its beautiful natural transformation, we must be prepared to withstand the cold and rain. So, gather your tools, make a complete list of what you have to do and start the job in your rhythm. Try to enjoy the process and be aware of how things change around you because this is what makes autumn the most beautiful season. 

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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