Upgrading Your Garden For A Low Maintenance Summer

hydrangea in a garden

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Now that the spring is here it is the best time to start looking at the garden and thinking of ways that we can upgrade it for the summer ahead. If you are either not a dab hand with gardening or you simply are too busy to spend a lot of time on the space, you might be searching for ways which you can make the gardening process a little easier on your for the warmer months. Today we are going to have a look at some of the changes you can make now to have a low maintenance summer garden.


Fake grass

When we look at the garden, we will usually notice that most of the space is made up of grass. Grass makes up a lovely feature for the garden and it is also great for kids to play on during summer days. However, in the summer months, grass can grow very quickly and this is something which can be a pain if you don’t have much time to maintain the space. Instead, you could use New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd and save yourself a lot of time and effort mowing the lawn and everyone wins!


Pot it

If you have no time at all to maintain your garden the simple way for you to make sure you still enjoy colour in the space is to pave over most of the garden space and use large pots to house some plants instead. Great choices for big pots would be roses, gladioli, lilies and also small flowers such as pansies and marigolds. Have some fun creating a little arrangement in your pots and this will allow you to enjoy some colour all year long without worrying about lots of digging and pruning. 



Plant large shrubs

If you are happy to keep your lawn as it is and you simply don’t want to have to keep adding more and more bedding plants to the garden each year, a great option for you to try out would be to plant some large shrubs instead. Hydrangeas are wonderful choices for this because depending on the pH level of your soil they will change colour from pink to purple to blue. You can also benefit from butterfly loving plants such as buddleia which flower all the way through the summer and will not need much maintenance at all. The only thing you will need to do with large shrubs like these is deadhead the flowers now and again and prune them in the spring before they start to grow.



Spread a cottage mix

If you love the idea of a low fuss garden and you don’t care so much about clean lines in your flower beds, one awesome option for you would be to spread a cottage seed mix around your whole garden and let the flowers come up and grow wild during the summer. When you spread a mix like this make sure to first lay down some fresh compost and rake the compost over the top of the seeds to cover them. Water them well and they will give you some stunning colours all summer long.


I hope these tips will help you to achieve your low maintenance summer garden and leave you with more time to just sit back and enjoy what you have created.

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