What Supplies Are Necessary to Create Homemade Candles?

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Whether you’re planning on creating homemade candles with your favorite scents or launching an online business, the first step is to list the materials and tools you will require. For a seamless experience, it is essential to research candle making and get guidance. It’s important to investigate products that are built to last but also look good. Aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand. Candle supplies provided by Bramble Berry are a great start for beginners. Aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand. This guide will take you through the essential elements of creating candles at home and tools that will be worth the investment.


The fundamental ingredient to making any candle is wax. For beginners, soy and paraffin wax are commonly recommended due to their low melting point and sturdy exterior. They are scent-free which allows individuals to include their favorite scents. Soy wax is vegan, and its fumes are considered safer as compared to that of paraffin. Beeswax and coconut wax are great options for candle-making. They are obtained naturally and have a sweet scent with a slower burn. However, due to the intricate process of using them for candles, novices rarely prefer them. There are speciality blends available in the market that combine various waxes, offering unique characteristics and enhancing the overall candle-making experience. Exploring these different wax options can add versatility to your creations.


Whatever your favorite scent may be, you can mix it into melted candle wax. We recommend scents that will give you a serotonin rush, so you feel a sense of happiness every time the candle is lit! Essential oils for many standard fragrances, such as lavender, citrus, rose, coffee, and more, are readily available. While including them in the wax, creating a tester batch is ideal for observing how strong the scent is and adjusting measurements accordingly. Apart from essential oils, you can also experiment with fragrance oils that offer a wide range of scents, from unique blends to seasonal aromas. Combining different scents can lead to exciting new fragrances, allowing you to curate a diverse collection of candles. 

Candle Molds And Wicks

Molds are available in many fun shapes and sizes. From bubble clouds to horse sculptures, you can buy a variety of funky candles and place them around your house. Creating unique candles that fit your specific style. Lighting a candle depends on the wick. While there are many options, wood wicks are the best option since they have minimum soot, do not cause a depression around the wick, and have little to no carbon emission. They are easy to maintain, have a longer life, and keep shining on. Cotton wicks are also a popular choice, especially for beginners, as they are easy to work with and provide consistent burning performance.

Heat Gun

A heat gun will be your best friend in the candle-making process. It will help you preheat your candle containers, remove surface irregularities in the containers, and even help place designing ornaments within. While one may assume that a hairdryer will achieve the same result, it is not the case. Using a heat gun allows you to have better control over the heating process, ensuring a more precise and even distribution of heat to avoid any potential issues like air bubbles or uneven surfaces in your candles.

Thermometer, Weighing Scale, And Pouring Pot

These tools are essential for beginners. It helps follow instructions and ensures that there are no mishaps. A thermometer will indicate the best temperature to mix in your scent, a weighing scale will provide perfect measurements, and a pouring pot will help avoid burns. Having a thermometer ensures that your wax reaches the correct temperature for adding fragrance or essential oils, preventing overheating or underheating the wax, which could make or break your candle. It also prevents you from accidentally getting hurt in the process.


Once prepared, get started! Candle-making is a relaxing, therapeutic, and rewarding hobby. It’s a great way to create products that match your exact style while also saving you some money. You can create beautiful products gifted to loved ones or sell them online. Plus, this is the more environmentally friendly option. Experiment with your candle-making ideas and let your passion uplift you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this super helpful article. The supplies you’ve mentioned for making homemade candles make it really simple for beginners to start with this enjoyable craft.

  2. I’ve dabbled in candle-making before, and your post has me itching to dive back in. The reminder about the importance of quality wax is spot-on—starting with the right foundation is key to achieving a clean burn and a beautifully finished candle.

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