8 Tips To Make Your Home Cozier

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The home is central to your family. It’s where everyone meets after a long day and discusses their school or work events. It may be where the whole family gathers on the weekend for a movie night. It’s where you retreat to at the end of a long day for a bubble bath. We have compiled a list of tips to help you design a home that encourages warm, cozy memories.

Choose Soft Fabrics To Keep You Warm

What’s movie night without a warm, fuzzy blanket to keep you warm? A large blanket that covers the whole family will make everyone feel closer. Soft fabrics are perfect for cuddling up with and dozing off on the couch. Drape a few sofa throws and couch throws over the back of couches and chairs for easy access to make everyone comfortable.

Go Neutral

Neutral tones tend to be cozier and more calming. Additionally, with subtle colors, you won’t have to update your space as frequently. Neutral colors, like tan and taupe, are more likely to stay in style longer. You can always offset a calmer color palette with bright pillows or blankets to add a little personality to your room.

Prioritize a Cozy Bathroom

The bathroom may be more important to your goal of a cozy home than you think. Creating a space where you can enjoy a warm bubble bath and a quiet book can ease the day’s stresses and help you prepare for tomorrow’s busy day. A shower curtain track set is perfect for easy baths. The track installs into the ceiling, allowing you to create full ceiling-to-floor coverage. You can easily slide the curtains to the side for a bath and then pull them back when showering off without water getting onto the floor. Add in a few of your favorite scented candles and dim the lights for a perfect bath experience.

Personalize Each Space

One of the best ways to turn a house into a home is to personalize it with family photos. Choose photos that make you happy, like ones from a family vacation or holiday. You might even let your spouse or kids pick one or two of their favorite photos so they can feel the same pride in their space. Add in a plant or two to bring nature indoors.

Focus on Layout

We’re a fan of a functional layout rather than an aesthetically pleasing one. Placing your couch on the opposite side of the living room from the TV may look slightly better, but it will make movie nights less enjoyable. Ensure you have plenty of seating options for the whole family so older kids aren’t tempted to go back to their rooms. Place tables within easy reach of the most frequented areas. Make sure the TV is easily seen from each seating choice. If you’re limited in space, you might add cushion pads or portable mats to the floors for younger kids.

Add Floral Smells to Your Home

Certain smells, like lavender, have an instant calming effect. A fragrance plug or scented candle can make the whole home smell more enjoyable. You can also create a no-shoes-in-the-house policy, instructing everyone to leave their outdoor shoes at the door. Try scented diffusers or opt for an automatic air freshener for an easy and nice smell throughout your home.

Find Alternative Sources of Heat

Nothing is cozier or more romantic than a movie or meal with a sparkling fire in the background. A natural fireplace is a great way to heat the home while enjoying a crackling fire. However, you can enjoy the coziness of a campfire even if you don’t want to install a real fireplace.

Electric fireplaces can be just as cozy as real ones, and many have heat settings that also can warm your space. The great thing about electric fireplaces is that you can even use them when it’s warm outdoors. Simply turn on the decorative mode to enjoy a cracking fire without the heat.

Get Creative

You and your family can also get creative with your home space. Try a large chalkboard on an empty wall that allows you to list tonight’s movie or dinner choice. If you still have a large collection of DVDs, you might display these as part of your decor. Consider your family’s hobbies or things you enjoy doing together when coming up with the perfect home design. If game nights are a favorite among your family, consider a coffee table that opens up into a table over top of the couch. The coffee table also doubles as storage space for your favorite board games.

Your home will hold your family’s memories for years. Turn your family space into a comfortable and inviting retreat where everyone enjoys spending time with these few tips.

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