Why Deny Love?

mum kissing child- why deny love?

So, you have probably all heard the news in the last week about how we shouldn’t be kissing our children on the lips because one Psychologist says it is an erogenous zone and is too sexual… yep, just breathe!

WOW! Is what I thought when I read that. What type of mind do you have to have to think this in the first place? Children are born innocent, they need and crave love, affection, cuddles and kisses. They see this as the norm, it is only us as adults who then taint young minds with the seedy idea that touching and kissing is wrong. We see this more and more with the breast feeding debate which again is ludicrous as breasts make milk when we are pregnant because, guess what, the baby needs the milk when it is born!! I won’t go on about this as this could turn into an essay lol.

As for my 2-year-old son, every one of my family kiss him on the lips – when he lets them – and my nephews do exactly the same thing. We are simply showing them that we love them and let’s face it, the more love there is in the world the better! Childhood is so short why ruin it with grown up’s issues way before it is needed? They soon grow up, hear news stories, see bad things happen and maybe have to deal with a lot of issues in their lives, so why not protect them for as long as possible?

I do hope that some parents don’t hear this tripe from the Psychologist and suddenly stop kissing their child for fear of others thinking they are being sexual with their own child, you are doing nothing of the sort. We produce, grow, nurture, give birth to, feed, care for and cherish our babies, this is the way it is meant to be.

What would she make of me bathing with my son?! My goodness, someone call the sexual police, she is actually washing with her child, splashing around and playing with toys in the bath. How about getting changed? Should I start to cover up and never show him a naked body?! The only people making these situations odd are the ones who behave like these things are wrong.

So to all you parents out there keep up the kissing, keep up the hugging, keep up the nurturing for it is all over far too soon and life is way too short not to love.

Em xx

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