Why ESG for Companies is Important? And How to Improve It

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As companies navigate the changing business landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important to prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. In this article, we will examine the importance of ESG for companies and offer suggestions for improving it.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. These factors evaluate a company’s sustainability and ethical practices. ESG measures a company’s impact on society and the environment.


The environmental component of ESG examines how a firm affects the environment. It includes carbon emissions, waste management, and water usage. Companies that prioritize environmental sustainability are more attractive to investors and customers.


The social component of ESG assesses a business’s influence on people. It includes labor practices, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. Companies prioritizing social responsibility have better relationships with their employees and customers.


The governance component of ESG examines an organization’s management and decision-making procedures. It includes board composition, executive compensation, and transparency. Companies with good governance practices are more resilient to economic and market changes.

Why is ESG Important for Companies?

Reputation and Brand

Companies prioritizing ESG practices have a better reputation and brand image—leading to increased customer loyalty and trust. In a Nielsen survey, 81% of participants indicated that businesses should prioritize the environment when making choices.

Attracting Investors

Investors are increasingly looking for companies that prioritize ESG practices. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, sustainable investing is becoming mainstream, with assets in sustainable funds doubling over the last five years.

Risk Management

Companies that prioritize ESG practices are better equipped to manage risks. I.e., companies prioritizing environmental sustainability are less susceptible to legislative adjustments affecting carbon emissions.

How to Improve ESG for Companies

Improving ESG practices is a long-term process. However, there are some steps companies can take to get started:

Conduct an ESG Audit

The first step is to conduct an ESG audit. It involves assessing a company’s current practices and identifying areas for improvement. Many consulting firms specialize in ESG audits.

Develop a Sustainability Strategy

Companies should then create a sustainability strategy. It involves setting goals and targets for ESG practices and developing a plan for achieving them.

Engage Stakeholders

ESG practices are more successful when stakeholders are involved. It can include employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. Companies should engage stakeholders in the development and implementation of ESG practices.

Monitor and Report Progress

Companies should monitor and report on their progress toward ESG goals. It can involve regular reporting to stakeholders and the public. It’s essential to be transparent about ESG practices and progress.


ESG practices are becoming important for companies. Companies prioritizing ESG practices often have a better reputation and brand image, attract more investors, and are better equipped to manage risks. Although enhancing ESG practices is a lengthy process, there are actions that companies can take to get started. By conducting an ESG audit, developing a sustainability strategy, engaging stakeholders, and monitoring and reporting progress, companies can improve their ESG practices and create long-term value for all stakeholders.

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