A Winter Escape To Australia: What To Pack

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The winter chill is really beginning to set in now, and alas, it doesn’t look it’s going to go away anytime soon. However, just because old England is living in freezing conditions, that doesn’t that mean we all have to suffer! Instead of waiting until summer rolls around before we take out holiday, why not plan a trip to the land down under and get us some sun? It’s summertime in Australia right now! Below, we take a look at a few packing tips that’ll have you looking and feeling good on your travels so you can begin to plan your winter escape.

Getting into Summer Mode

We’re all living in our thick coats and boots at the moment, and have done for some time. But that’s all about to change if you’re jetting off to Sydney because there everyone is living in summer mode. When it comes to packing, make sure you have all the hot weather essentials you need. That means packing bikinis, light dresses, sunglasses, hats, and all those favourite summer t-shirts that have been hiding away in your wardrobe for too many months now. You’re going to want them when you’re doing nothing but liking on the beach all day.


To the Great Outdoors!

Of course, it’s important to remember that Australia is about more than beaches (though it’s fair to say, they do them pretty well…)! There’s also a lot of amazing outdoor beauty just waiting to be explored. If you and your family are keen adventurers, then make sure you’re packing the items you need to get into the wilderness and see all that country has to offer. Hiking tops, shorts, and backpacks will be your starting point. From there, it all depends on how adventurous you want your trip to be!


Chilly Evenings

Yes, you’re visiting a destination that is the middle of summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be nice and warm. While their summers are more reliable than England’s version of summer, there’s always an outside chance of a spot of rain or a chilly evening. As such, you’ll want to pack some clothes to protect yourself against the weather, such as denim jeans, a jumper or two, and a rain jacket. You’ll appreciate having the extra layers once the sun has begun to set and you still don’t like moving away from the beach.


Varied Footwear

Of all the packing choices, none as difficult as the footwear options. What to do put in the luggage, when you only have a limited amount of space? In our view, it should come to four staples. You’ll want flip-flops, converse shoes, high heels, and heavier boots that’ll be able to handle the rockier terrain. With those in your bag, you’re ready for everything!


Comfortable Travel Clothing

Finally, let’s not forget that Australia is the longest plane journey from the UK you can take and is also one of the biggest countries on earth. You’ll be well served by having plenty of comfortable travel clothing on hand to keep you nice and relaxed on those long journeys!



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