7 Tips For Brightening Up Your Dull Hallway

a light and airy hallway
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If like me, you have a very narrow, dull hallway, it can often be overlooked when it comes to styling your home. A smaller space is far harder to do something with but this doesn’t mean it is impossible and by making just a few simple changes you can brighten up your dull hallway in no time!


No matter how small your hallway is, there is always room for a mirror. A mirror can serve several purposes including adding colour, interest, a touch of elegance but these aren’t just for decorative purposes. A mirror will reflect what little light you have coming in which will make this area feel more airy. Choosing a large mirror may seem a little daunting but this is your best bet when it comes to helping your hall to feel much bigger than it actually is.


A rug in a hallway does several things for your space. Firstly, it makes it feel more homely. Secondly it feels lovely underfoot which makes it a warmer area to be in and thirdly, it can make it look longer. Choose a light colour, but pick something durable as this will be taking a lot of traffic across it. Picking a darker colour may seem like the more sensible option but this can make an already dull hallway feel even more miserable. The key here is to draw the eye down the hall, creating the illusion of space and light.


It can be easy to think that a clean wall will make your hallway look bigger but by cleverly adding a selection of photos or wall art prints you will be creating a far more interesting space for yourself and guests to be in and if you pick bright or light colours, you will be brightening up the space in a very simple yet effective way.

owl wall art


Hallways tend to get dark in particular places and how you light these up will depend on what space you have but in most cases a simple lamp will fit and work wonders. If you have a dark corner, choose either a full standing lamp or, if you are short on floor space, why not opt for a wall fixed lamp? If you also choose one with an extendable arm, you could pull your lamp out as and when you need it and slot it back against the wall when not in use. Another option would be to have either a small table or console with a table lamp on top.


If you have a large wall that looks a little bland and lacklustre you could think about making this a feature wall by painting it a striking colour and adding a quirky and personal touch such a wall tapestry. By choosing something bold and bright you will create a hallway that will wow anybody who steps inside the door.

wall tapestry

Choose Light Coloured Furniture

Selecting light coloured furniture will automatically brighten up your dull hallway. White is going to be your optimum shade as this will reflect the limited light and make your space feel clean, crisp and airy but if this is a bit too much for your taste, why not choose ash wooden tones, cottage creams or pastels? And don’t worry if you don’t have the funds to buy new, you can easily transform an old piece of furniture with a little touch of chalk paint.


Plants inside a home are a must-have for us. Not only do they look pretty, they can make a room far more interesting plus they can also improve the air quality. Having plants in your hallway will immediately have a positive effect on how the area looks and feels and will brighten up your space with very little effort.

a hallway console table with plants on it

I hope these tips have given you a few ideas on how to make a start on your dull hallway but if you have extra to add let me know in the comments below.

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