7 Ways You Can Make The Most Out of Your Patio Area

my patio area
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When it comes to your garden’s patio area, would you say it is being used to its full potential? I know that may sound strange to some of you, I’m sure you’re thinking but it’s just a patio, it’s where you occasionally sit on a summer’s day but I personally think we could all add a little bit more to them to truly utilise this space (especially if your garden is very small like mine). Here’s a selection of ways in which you could make the most out of your patio area…

Social Seating Area

The patio is the hub of the garden, it’s where guests will gather for a barbecue, to eat and drink, to sit down for a catch-up, to play games and so on. Having seating, whether that be in the shape of an outdoor sofa, a rattan set or a classic table and chairs patio set, is an essential part of bringing this area to life. You should also consider adding soft furnishings such as seat cushions, large cushions on sofas, throws and rugs to really brighten up your patio and to also help your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed.

throw, cushions, latern and seat cover for a patio area

Storage Box

Living in the UK means we often have to deal with unpredictable weather so leaving items, such as those soft furnishings mentioned above, outside all the time is a big no-no. However, this doesn’t mean to say that you need to find the storage room inside the house either. A garden storage box is a great solution when it comes to storing all of your garden items and with so many styles and sizes available you’ll be sure to find one that will also suit your patio design.

a light grey storage box with darker grey edges

We opted for this 4ft x 2 ft light grey Airevale garden storage box from Very.co.uk because it’s a good fit for our small garden, it is lovely and deep, it is lockable and is made from 100% recycled plastic (which is often far more durable).

inside the grey garden storgae box

This particular box even comes with a netted pocket that attaches to the box lid which is absolutely ideal for storing water toys like our reusable water balloons during the summer!

the reusable watre balloons being placed inside the net storage

This is large enough for storing our seat cushions, kid’s toys, garden tools and our rain covers for the patio furniture and fire pit… And as you can see there is still space for even more!

all of our stuff inside the storage box

Pots, Lots of Pots!

A bare patio is a travesty, it really is! Your patio is apart of your garden and tying it all together is an essential part of garden design. One of the best ways to bring this area to life is to add a wide variety of pots – and lots of them! The great thing about choosing pots is that you can “redesign” your patio as often as you like with very little effort. By choosing a mixture of pot colours and sizes and using plants and flowers of varying heights, you will be able to create a little green oasis to truly make your patio pop.

Grow Your Own

Another way of utilising this space is by adding a small greenhouse where you can begin to grow your own. That could well be used for starting off fruit or veg seeds or perhaps you want to have a go at propagating new plants from what you already have? Whichever takes your fancy, a small greenhouse is the ideal addition to your patio area as it will take up very little space but will be in the optimum position to help your new hobby along its way. And once your seedlings are ready for the outside world you can easily transfer them to some of the pots you already have on your patio.

Water Feature

Adding a water feature or pond to your patio will not only bring you a little tranquillity but it will also begin to attract new wildlife to your garden. Since making our own pond out of a planter we have seen an increase in insects, including dragonflies, as well as birds who come down for a drink or a bath. It is now one of my favourite parts of my patio and I find this a place I will make a beeline for if I just need a little quiet, reflective time.

a planter as a pond

Cosy Evening Fire Pit

When those summer evenings begin to draw in, the temperature drop may well tempt you to retreat back inside but one simple way of getting around this problem is by adding a garden heating product such as a fire pit to your patio area. Fire pits have grown massively in popularity over the last few years and it’s easy to see why.

firepit in the garden

Not only do they make a lovely statement piece to any garden, but they also bring everybody together at the end of the day to unwind, chat, roast some marshmallows and to keep toasty long after the sun has gone down.

Solar Lighting

Solar lights are another really simple way of keeping the garden social going well into the evening. These will provide sufficient yet soft lighting around your patio without costing you a penny in electricity. They generate their power from the sun during the day and will automatically come on when it becomes dark meaning you won’t ever have to do a thing and your patio will be bright and also very pretty all year round.

So, there you have it, 7 great ways of making the most of your patio area. Which ones will you be choosing to do this summer?!

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