Advantages of loft conversions

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The United Kingdom is one of the countries with the smallest homes in Europe and almost every household is struggling with lack of storage and living space. With the recent rise in the cost of properties in the market, many households in the UK are beginning to adopt the fast-rising trend of loft conversions in order to provide a solution to this problem; as well as providing more space in their homes.

As a result, several professional and reliable loft conversion companies are quickly mushrooming all over the country to capitalize on this market gap by creating unique loft conversions that meet the needs of their clients.

The benefits of having a loft conversion are seamlessly endless and every household has different specific motivations for adopting this trend. In this article, I will highlight some of the most common benefits of having a loft conversion. You can also visit PineTree Loft Conversions to discover more about the process.


Increase the Value of Your Home

Having a loft conversion is one of the best ways to increase the market value of your property.  A recent market research by property experts stipulates that loft conversion increases the value of a house by up to 20%.

Additionally, you can rent the newly converted space to students or lodger and earn yourself some extra cash. There is no current improvement in housing that cost comparatively little amount of money yet with a potential of hefty returns than a loft conversation will.

For more on this area pop over and have a read of this article:


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Creates more space

Are you anticipating a crisis in your house because your family is getting bigger? Are you children moving into teenagehood require a little privacy? Are you needing more space but don’t want to leave the home you have come to love?

 Worry less, as a loft conversion can completely ensure that there will be enough space for everybody in your home.

Moreover, it’s not just the extra bedroom that comes with a loft conversion; the extra space can also serve as a storage space for your personal equipment or even serve as your home library or office.

A loft conversion is more beneficial than the conventional way of adding space to your house such as adding an extension or conservatory. These methods in one way or another either eats into part of your backyard/garden or the driveway in order to create space for the building extension.

But a loft conversion adds space to your home without taking away somewhere else. Additionally, unlike the conventional methods of creating space, loft conversions require no planning permission from the housing authorities unless it completely alters the original appearance of your house.

This helps in saving cost and time that would have otherwise be spent on moving from offices in an effort to find a planning permission in order to build an extension.


Avoid the Cost Of Moving

The conventional way of increasing the number of your bedrooms or storage was basically simple, move out!

If you have gone through it, then you probably know how hectic it is to move in a new neighbourhood. If you are lucky to have settled in a nice and peaceful area, you now don’t have to move out in search of a bigger house or extra bedroom to accommodate you increasing family when a loft conversion can serve the same purpose.

It can cost a lot of money and time to move to a new neighbourhood and can also be really hectic. Plus, when you add kids to the mix you definitely invite another nuisance of searching for new school.


Create a Room with a View

A loft conversion, unlike other rooms, can give you an opportunity to a have a beautiful view of the skylight at night. Imagine laying on your bed and looking up to the beautiful night sky.

We have traditionally become used to looking out at our neighbour’s houses through the window; I bet it can be extremely delightful to take a glimpse of your area from a completely new perspective.


Adding a Natural Light Source

Velux windows bring in more lighting in your house than normal windows. This is attributed to the fact that the windows are positioned in a place where they are less likely to be blocked by trees or neighbouring houses.

The height and the angle of the windows also contribute to the amount of sunshine that enters your home. Additionally, the sunshine brings in some natural warmth in the house thereby creating no need of turning on the heating. This saves the overall maintenance cost of your house. To learn more about the type of window systems used in loft conversions click here.


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Increases creativity

Having a space that takes you away from the noise of the street, the cars and passing people can actually begin to spark your creativity and it’s no wonder that most people use a loft conversion to tune into their passions. It is the perfect space in which to paint, write, read, to fall back in love with that musical instrument.

You can definitely see why a loft conversion is the current fashionable trend.


Do you have a loft conversion? How do you utilise yours?



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