Attending The Grand Opening Of Mighty Claws Adventure Golf

T-REX at mighty claws adventure golf

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We were recently invited to attend a VIP grand opening of the new Mighty Claws Adventure Golf in Hedge End, Southampton which we jumped at the chance of going to as we knew Jake would have a blast playing crazy golf for the first time.

Located at Hedge End Golf Centre, Mighty Claws Adventure golf is the latest to be built with the other two sites at Bournemouth and Colchester. The theme of the Adventure Golf is all based on fun dinosaur books written by author Nat Luurtsema who also attended the grand opening.


On arrival, we were greeted by the PR’s who had helped to organise the day and each child was given a copy of the book to keep which was such a lovely touch. There were large signs with the characters on them, balloons and a ribbon waiting to be cut at the entrance of the golf course.


Jake holding the book Mighty Claws whilst stood in front of a sign with a dinosaur


We went inside the main building for complimentary snacks and drinks whilst we waited for the event to start.


The day kicked off with the book reading by Nat of The Mighty Claws Follow A Monster. 

author doing a book reading to all the children



This room is decorated to match the theme of the adventure golf and includes gorgeous wall murals, a reading area with beanbags, a height chart and a chart to show the size of the dinosaurs.



Once we had found out all about the characters and story it was time to go outside for the grand opening. The owner said a few words and 2 little special guests were invited to cut the ribbon. Then it was time to have fun!


Jake and crowd walking in

Jake was an eager beaver and couldn’t wait to get started!


Jake running to play golf

As it was his first go he didn’t really get how golf worked… a hockey game came to mind!


dinosaur selfie spot

All around the adventure golf are selfie spots where players are encouraged to take a selfie and upload with the #mightyadventures or #dinoselfie on social media. Look out for these yellow signs. Obviously, I couldn’t resist!


me and dino selfie



Moving on through the course and you come to the real showstopper– the T-Rex. He grabbed our attention as soon as we arrived and you can see why…



Those claws coming out of the ground are apart of the second hole and this is also a selfie spot because you get the T-Rex’s face in the shot.

T-rex selfie spot and hole 2


As the game moved on, Jake started to kinda get the idea of how golf worked…

Jake's feet taking a golf shot


Jake showing off his golf ball


Thoughts So Far

The adventure golf course itself is fantastic. It is brightly coloured, it has so many interesting areas to look at, plenty of fun dino characters and each hole has something different to offer. I’d say the only thing we noticed it was missing was a marker to tell you where to place your ball to start from. It seemed a bit strange not to have one and it meant that each player would start wherever they felt like. Perhaps it was something they had missed on purpose as it is just meant to be a bit of fun or maybe it’s something they didn’t get around to adding just yet?


the mighty claws adventure golf course


dinosaur and course


Rob playing golf


em playing golf



The fun characters from the book can be found all around the golf course. This is Prince and below is Bea.

Prince the blue dinosaur

Bea the pink dinosaur


Jake on the part of the course with shields at mighty claws adventure golf


Inside the cave, you can just make out in the photo above (up ahead) is another hole and the waterfall runs over the top. This is inside:

inside the cave looking out at the waterfall at mighty claws adventure golf


And this was the wow factor waiting for us outside.

octopus in the water and the waterfall at mighty claws adventure golf


Jake next to a big axe


dinosaur skull with water running through it at mighty claws adventure golf


the waterfall and bridge at mighty claws adventure golf

The course has 18 holes which are all really good fun but at 5 years old things did start to get a little silly!

Jake laying on the floor under a big dinosaur bone at mighty claws adventure golf



These Raptors were a big talking point with their water squirting mouths.

raptors that spray water at mighty claws adventure golf


Jake running across the bridge at mighty claws adventure golf

Nearing the end!


me and Jake cheering we did it at Mighty claws adventure golf

We did it!



Overall Thoughts

We had such a blast at the Mighty Claws Adventure Golf and would highly recommend a visit. However, having said that it isn’t a cheap activity to do. I had a check once we were home and an adult ticket is £9.50, a child is classed from 0-12 years and costs £7 which means if you have a teenager they will be priced as an adult. When I compared this to our local adventure golf course it does come in much more expensive (they charge £7 an adult, £2.50 for a child 3-6 years and £4.20 for a child 6-19 years). Mighty Claws may be a place you choose to go to for a special day out rather than a regular family activity.

The premises do have a cafe where you can buy lunch, snacks, hot and cold drinks and cakes. There are also toilets located inside the building and as I mentioned above, the reading area. There is plenty of parking and we found it to be well signposted too.


We love finding new things to get up to and it was lovely to be able to spend time with Jake just us three. Because of the age gap between him and William, it can be tough to entertain them both in an equal way so we really enjoyed treating him for a few hours. Oh, and he was begging to do it all again as soon as we finished! Luckily the final hole takes the balls back!


If you want to find out more about any of the Mighty Claws Adventure Golf Courses you can check out their website here.

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*We were given free entry to the golf course for the VIP grand opening event. I wasn’t obliged to write about our day but I chose to share this with my readers. All opinions are honest and my own.

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