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It’s sad just how easy it is for your home to start to feel dull and uninteresting. After all, living in one place for a long time has a habit of stripping all of the excitement out of it. For a lot of people, there really is only one solution to this: move on. They sell their home, find somewhere new, and start all over again. And sure, you can see why people would do this. However, the truth is that this might not be the solution that you thought it would be. If you just keep moving on to a new place every time you get bored, you’re destined to have to do that every few years or so. Instead, why not try these tips to bring just a little bit of life back into your home.


The floors

When was the last time you actually paid any attention to the floors in your home? It’s probably been a while. After all, they’re about the easiest part of your home to take for granted. If you want your home to feel less dull then giving your floors a serious deep clean can make a huge difference. Of course, if you really want to mix things up then a new floor from somewhere like Carpet One might be just what the doctor ordered. It might not seem like the biggest change in the world but it can completely alter the way that your home feels in an instant.


The walls

A lot of people seem terrified of using colour when it comes to decorating the walls of their homes. Conventional wisdom seems to be that the best thing you can do is stick to white or magnolia in every room. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s hardly the most exciting option, is it? Instead, why not embrace some bold and dynamic colours for each room to give them a totally distinct feel from one another. That way, your home is going to have a whole lot more life to it than if every room basically looked the same.


The layout

You might no consider the layout of your home all that often but it’s definitely something that’s worth thinking about. One of the things that many uninspired homes have in common is a lack of flow. You need to think about how your rooms flow into one another. Otherwise, your home is never going to feel like a unified place, but rather a collection of separate spaces that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.


These kinds of things might not seem like the most important aspects of any home but the truth is that changing the more obvious surface details is never really going to have the kind of impact on your home that you would like. You need to think about some of the less obvious aspects of your home that help to create the base upon which every other part of it is built.



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