6 Advantages of Having A Solid Wood Floor

a living room with a solid wood floor
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When we moved into our home 9 years ago, we were faced with a poorly fitted laminate floor, ugly tiles and a stained carpet which may only be cosmetic issues, but it was very important to me that these were changed as soon as possible. Of course, that meant that we began by doing it cheaply– it never pays off, does it? After a few years, we were again faced with laminate coming up in certain areas, movement of it in our hallway as well as it starting to look drab. After weighing up the options available to us online, we eventually agreed to invest in a solid wood floor for our living room and hallway and 5 years on we are still really happy with it. Here are our 6 advantages of having a solid wood floor in your home…

The Look

So the main reason that I chose our solid wood oak floor was because I absolutely loved the look. I wanted to achieve a country home look in my house in the town. The warm tone, the grain, the illusion of floorboards and the fact that they look good quality ticked all of the boxes for me.

real solid oak floor



Solid wood flooring may seem expensive but as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. We wasted money on cheap laminate in the past for it to only last a few years, a solid wood floor should last you, on average, a good 25 years or more. So, if you spend say £650 on your floor the cost will only work out to be approximately £26 per year. It may also help to increase the value of your home if you ever come to sell it.

Easy To Clean

A solid wood floor can be vacuumed, swept, mopped, wiped clean with a cloth and so on. Any kiddy spillages can be easily cleaned up and you don’t have the worry of staining as you do with a carpet. We also have 2 pets and with that comes muddy footprints, many accidents from our elderly dog and of course, pet hair. If we had a carpet I would forever be cleaning it and I am pretty sure it wouldn’t look good for very long. With our wooden flooring, I don’t need to worry. I know I can clean anything up and it will look good again within moments. Over time, you may notice your wood floor start to discolour and go slightly grey. With the help of a Wood Floor Cleaning service company, they’re able to offer services ranging from, deep cleaning, to restoring shine and removal of scuffs.

mopping the wooden floor with the e-cloth mop

Great For Allergies

I mentioned I have pets, but what I haven’t mentioned is that I am in fact allergic to our cat’s hair as well as dust. A carpet isn’t a great option for me as I can never get them clean enough to live allergy free each day. In recent years, we realised that our bedroom carpet was the main culprit for me waking up sneezing and once we changed this to a laminate, my problems disappeared. With my solid wood flooring in the living room, I can safely play on the floor with the children, I can sweep away the pet hair and dust quickly plus I can feel that the air is clearer.

Underfoot Comfort

You may think that a solid wood floor would be cold and hard but in fact, it isn’t at all. Wood can be great for insulating a floor and it usually feels very warm in our home. Not only this, but it is slightly sprung as you walk across it, making it very comfortable underfoot.


And I couldn’t end this without mentioning something about it being eco-friendly, could I? Wood is a sustainable product and most solid wood flooring companies will proudly display their FSC logo to show that they source their wood sustainably and ethically. The fact that it also lasts a long time, means that you have a product that doesn’t have to be made over and over again, which again, makes it very sustainable. Flooring trends come and go just as clothing trends do and if you constantly feel as though you have to change your home, you will be creating more waste as well as increasing the demand for factories to make more. A solid wood floor is timeless, meaning you will have no need to follow interior trends season after season because your home will always look great!

I hope these 6 advantages of having a solid wood floor have helped you to decide on your next flooring.

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