Cleaning Just With Water Is Possible With E-Cloth

cleaning just with water is possible with e-cloth

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I recently discovered a whole new world of cleaning and I. Am. Hooked! Cleaning with just water, that is it. Nope, I’m not making it up you CAN clean with just water, kill 99% of bacteria, have an allergy-safe home, reduce your plastic waste as well as stop using toxic chemicals that can damage our environment all by switching to this amazing cloth (and it’s friends!) I reviewed a few of their products a few weeks ago and to show me that you can literally do your entire home, e-cloth sent me some more items to try out. And here is a reminder of how it works:

“Run the  e-Cloth under the tap and then wring it out. This “charges” the cloth by filling the microscopic voids between and within the cloth’s fibres with water. When you draw the cloth across a dirty surface, those water molecules attract and stick to particles of dirt, grease, grime, even bacteria and mould, pulling the particles into the voids and trapping them there. Rinsing the cloth with warm or hot water, or running it through a machine wash cycle, releases the trapped particles and refreshes the cloth. Amazing.”

e-cloth website

Bathroom Cloth

As you saw in my last review, the general purpose cloth had me absolutely flabbergasted and I went on a big cleaning spree in my kitchen, so, when I opened the parcel and saw a bathroom cloth that works in the same way, I was over the moon! The bathrooms are one of the biggest banes in my life. We have a bathroom plus an en-suite and both get used so much each and every day. They are rooms that I dread cleaning up especially after the boys have splashed about and covered the bath in water, bubbles, toys and soapy residue but I hate using chemicals here because this is where we all bathe. I always worry that I haven’t rinsed well enough and that some of those cleaning ingredients may be left on the surface and then added to my children’s bathwater the next time around.

The bathroom cloth has longer fibres to ensure that it can grip onto that soap scum and grime that can be tough to remove with a normal cloth. This made for such easy cleaning and my bathroom was spotless in no time!

It has a 3 year guarantee and can be washed in your machine and reused time and time again.

Window Cleaning Set

Hands up who hates cleaning windows! I mean, I do have a window cleaner to do the outside now because that was becoming such a chore but the insides get particularly grubby thanks to a couple of small people with sticky hands! Oh and as the littlest one also loves to put his mouth and tongue over the patio doors, again, I hate to use chemically based products because I have no idea what may be ingested. E-cloth have this fantastic window cleaning set with one cloth to wash just with water and the second to polish it up to a nice shine with zero streaks. And it works!! I was dubious because I know how water can leave marks and lines but I had lovely clean windows in no time.

Ok, please do not judge me on my dirty windows or awful fencing here…

before of my dirty window

This is my window before. It’s a kitchen window so it gets a lot of splatter from the sink below.

I simply made the cleaning cloth wet and then squeezed out the excess water before starting to clean…

orange window e-cloth
cleaning the windows with the orange e-cloth

The window is now clean but wet…

the wet window

So, time for the polishing cloth…

the polishing cloth

And the end results…

clean windows

How about that? Better go and paint that fence now…

Tea Towel

The e-cloth tea towel is very different to an ordinary one. It has super absorbent fibres which means it dries 4x better than cotton whilst also removing 99% bacteria. It feels just like any other tea towel but it really did work wonders on my drying up.

the e-cloth tea towel

Deep Clean Mop

Mopping is another job that I find tricky to get done, mostly because there is never a good time to do it when you have a toddler around. I don’t want to end up with mucky marks, footprints or lots of damp socks and with normal mopping this is always the result. With the e-cloth deep clean mop, you get a very different mopping experience. The micro-fibres again do an amazing job by gripping onto the dirt and grime and easily lifting it from the surface, all just by using water. Not only that, but it also leaves the floor almost dry which means you can give your home a good once over at any time that is convenient to you.

the micro-fibres on the e-cloth mop

The mico-fibre mop head easily pulls off the mop as it is kept in place with velcro. You then run this under the tap to make it wet and wring it out before placing it back on.

pulling the micro-fibre pad off the mop

My wooden floor was pretty muddy after a morning in the garden with the boys so it made a perfect time to test out the mop…

muddy wooden floor
cleaning the wooden floor

The only drawback with this mop is its size. You need two hands and I also found that using it slowly and steadily worked better than quickly. When I did it too quickly, the mop head would flip around which was a little annoying. I also found that the pole would unscrew as I was using the mop and begin to slide down in size. I had to really tighten this to prevent it from happening and realised that being very careful and precise with my mopping was the right way in which to use this product.

Other than that, it worked amazingly. The floor came up spotless and was dry really quickly. It didn’t leave any watermarks or residue like I often get with my ordinary mop and certainly didn’t require any towel walks!

mopping the wooden floor with the e-cloth mop

The dirt it collected…

the dirty e-cloth mop after cleaning

Once you have cleaned your floor you can simply pull the cloth off of the mop and again rinse it under the tap or you can pop it straight into the washing machine. My only problem with rinsing under the tap is that I am touching anything I have just mopped up so you need to think about how you would use this and what on. For ease, for fast cleaning, for non-chemical cleaning this is perfect.

Yet again I have been wowed by e-cloth and am loving telling everybody about them. The more people who can move away from toxic chemicals in their home and onto natural or water-based cleaning the better. Let’s make our planet so much happier and healthier!

For more on how e-cloths work and how to care for them check out their website information here.

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*I was sent these products in exchange for testing and giving my honest views. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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