Creating The Perfect Room For Baby Without Spending A Fortune

child in a cot

All new mums want to have a lovely space that they can bring Baby back home to, once they have been born. However, the cost of creating such a space can be a bit of a strain, especially with a year of maternity leave wages on the horizon. That is why it can be useful to know some clever tactics for creating the perfect room for Baby that won’t clear out your bank account. Read on to find out more.


Repaint old furniture

One example of how you can save some serious money when creating a pleasant nursery for Baby is here. This is where we painted some old furniture to give it a new lease of life. It’s actually a great idea to do this because you are saving money, and you are reducing waste all at the same time. The old stuff would have had to go to the tip if we hadn’t of used it, after all.

Repainting old furniture is a frugal way to create a new look.


Another advantage of doing this way is that you can choose the precise colour that you want, rather than having that choice dictated to you by the limited options on offer in shops. Usually white and oak finish if my memory serves me correctly.



Snap up bargains

Next, if you are not in a position to be able to reuse items that you already have you need to keep an eagle eye out for some serious bargains. One way of doing this is to scour online auctions and car boot sites for preloved things in good condition, or shop seconds that are often sold at a hugely discounted rate.

Of course, how you feel about putting Baby into a second-hand crib may affect your choice, but remember you can give it all a good clean down with anti-bac spray to put your mind at ease.

You also might come across some difficulties it getting larger items such as wardrobes delivered, as it unlikely that hey will fit in the back of your car. Luckily, there is another easy solution to this, and it’s using companies like Shiply to find you someone that can pick the item up for a reasonable price. Something that keeps the overall cost down, but allows you to choose from a much wider range.



Create your own art

Lastly, a lot of folks spend a lot of money on the decoration for their nursery, especially the wall art. The thing is that really it’s totally unnecessary because you can so easily make your own to look decorative and professional.

One of the cutest and most impactful ways around is to collect a piece of wood from outside and attach this to the wall safely. Then hang origami stars from strings off of the branch.


Alternatively, why not use a mix of 3D cardboard letters and embroidery hoops filled with bright materials to create an interesting and personalised wall decoration for hardly any money at all. Something that will definitely help contribute to creating a perfect nursery, all without you having to take out a second mortgage!  

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