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There is an ongoing discussion that occurs in our house which I am pretty certain happens in most households across the country. Most women would probably prefer one of these over flowers and chocolates any day, yet very few of us have the privilege of having one in our home. What is it that causes so much debate? Well, it’s a cleaner of course! Since having a baby I have brought this topic up time and time again. When you have your hands full with a newborn and especially if you are like me and had a c-section you want all the help you can get. Unfortunately, with maternity pay and extra costs coming in from having the baby you have to save where you can and my husband only saw a cleaner as a luxury… I, however, saw it as a necessity!

As the years pass you assume that balancing housework and childcare, plus activities, will become easier – the naivety of a first time Mum – sorry folks, if you didn’t already know, it becomes harder. They make more mess, they break more things, they eat all day long and place mucky paws all over your once stunning home and then hang off your legs when you actually do attempt to tidy! All you seem to achieve is damage control and any deep clean you used to be able to manage has gone out the window.

Things have changed slightly for us now, though, because I have started earning my own money through writing and that means one thing… I can choose to spend this however I like! Not only am I now running pre-school errands, still doing the housework and shopping etc. I am also working from home. This means there is less time for me to carry out the chores and, let’s face it, there is more to life than working all the time.

When I heard that Bidvine could not only compare home cleaners in my area and their prices but then also send me the recommendations quickly and easily, I knew I had to give it a go. This site provides this service for whatever it is you require. Perhaps you need a local photographer or a plumber or a personal trainer? They have a huge range of services listed and in just a few clicks you can find the perfect one for you.

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I began by filling out the service I needed and my postcode. I was then asked a series of questions related to my needs. For example, how many bedrooms are in your home, how often would you like your house cleaned, what kind of cleaning service would you like (deep clean, regular clean, moving out clean) and so on. Because the questions are tailored to suit your needs you won’t be spending time doing an online search for the right type of cleaner or making countless telephone calls explaining yourself time and time again.

I then selected the days and times that were suitable to us and created an account. You can choose to receive your information via email or text (whichever the husband won’t see suits me!) Then you just sit and wait for the best services to come to you. Perfect when you have such a busy, full-on life.

You can access Bidvine via their website or download their app so there are really no excuses for finding the best company for you.

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