Review: VonHaus Lawnmower and Grass Trimmer from Domu

lawnmower and grass trimmer review

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Gardening for me has become a hobby that I love and with each year that we live here, I am even more determined to perfect ours. Unfortunately, our gardening tools are starting to fail us and we’ve been living with a secondhand lawnmower that has the handle taped together in a desperate attempt to save it for a little longer and a grass trimmer that gave up the ghost years ago– leaving me to trim all the border edges with garden scissors… yep, its a tedious job but the perfectionist in me just cannot leave it!

When Domu got in touch to ask me to review both a lawnmower and a trimmer I was over the moon, especially as spring had just sprung (sort of!)

The lawnmower

The first thing I noticed about the lawnmower, as I lifted it out of the box, was how lightweight it is, not as light as battery operated lawn mowers, but they are far from the heaviness I was expecting. Cordless blowers can be amazing too, and you can check out some of them on review site Occupy The Farm. The next thing I noticed was that I had to assemble it! The instructions were included but, to be honest, with a crying baby and just one free hand I decided to just go ahead and work it out for myself. Oh yes, that’s right, I can multitask! Everything seemed to fix together easily and the only tool I needed was a screwdriver. Two clips are provided to secure the lead as well as a handle to hook the excess over.

However, the grass collection box is a little flimsy and I struggled to click the parts in for a while (I did have to put the baby down for this bit!) One tip with the handle to this is to be quite forceful as I kept clicking it in and it just kept coming off in my hand when I lifted the box up. Turns out, I hadn’t quite pushed it in as far as it could go and once I applied a lot more pressure it stayed put. This was, however, very easy to attach to the back of the lawnmower.

If you follow my blog you will already know that I have a pretty small garden but even so, I don’t want to be messing around with extension leads or changing plug sockets halfway through, so I was happy to find that the lead to the lawnmower was extremely long (10 metres to be exact). This meant that I could plug it in and easily do my whole garden.

I must admit that due to its size and weight (7kg)  I was a little dubious about how powerful the VonHaus lawnmower would be… but there was no need to be. I turned it on and couldn’t believe how easily it glided and how well it got to work on the long winter grass. I must also admit that the grass was slightly too wet to be cut after the strange weather we’ve been having but I went ahead anyway for the sake of the review; there is no way that our old lawnmower would never have coped with the conditions yet this little compact cutter got through it with few problems.

garden with long grass before the lawnmower cut it
Before Picture- our long grass

The grass collection box has a capacity of 30 litres but as the grass was so wet and heavy I emptied it twice so not to put too much pressure on it. On a normal summers day, I think I would get through the whole lawn without the need for emptying it halfway through. The biggest positive for me is how light it is which makes it very easy to manoeuvre and get the job done quickly. Our other mower was far too bulky for me and it took so much strength to turn it around (and I’m not exactly weak or unfit!) I whizzed over the garden and managed to do it all before the baby woke up and before the bigger one became bored. Both important factors when you’re a busy Mum!

me standing with the lawnmower in the garden

The Grass Trimmer

I hadn’t ever used a grass trimmer before because the last one died pretty quickly after hubby purchased it, so this was all new to me. Again, it needed a quick set up by screwing in the guard and the telescopic handle (needed for control) but the rest is already assembled. This also has a 10-metre long lead and is very lightweight. The first thing I noticed as a Mum, was the safety button which needed to be pushed in before I could pull on the trigger in order for the trimmer to start. Having a four-year-old who is intrigued by everything this made me feel so much better about having it out whilst he’s around. He is at that ‘I want to be helpful stage’ and it would only take a moment for him to get hold of it and try to give it a go, I just know what he’s like and we all know accidents can happen in a flash so safety is paramount.

strimmer leaning against a wall

Once started, this little grass trimmer almost ran away with me! I was really taken aback by its power and how quickly the grass edges were sorted out. The only drawback, as with all trimmers, is that the line spool (yes, I had to look up that fancy word for the plastic cutting bit) often needs feeding back through. The VonHaus grass trimmer has a cleverly placed button underneath which means you only have to press the base against the ground and pump it a few times to feed a new line through. You can also remove the spool holder in order to replace with a new line spool. As with the lawnmower, this is perfect for a small/medium garden. You can check Green machinery for more cordless grass trimmer options available in the UK market.

I was very pleased that within the hour I had a much neater lawn and overall tidier looking garden:

garden after the lawn was cut

If you are looking for two lightweight, easy to use products to tackle your small to medium sized garden, I can recommend both of these and at the great prices of £59.99 for the lawnmower and £19.99 for the grass trimmer, you can’t really go wrong.

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*I received these products in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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