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Spring is… well, trying to get to us, I’m sure the nicer weather is just around the corner but let’s look at the positive, it gives us a little more to get Spring Ready! And with a little helping hand from SaveMoneyCutCarbon, it couldn’t be easier…

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning can feel like such a chore but a good spring clean? Well, that is far more satisfying. This is the time of year to have a good clear out, to move the furniture (and see what you can find!), to freshen each room up and make your home beautiful for the new season. One thing you don’t want to be doing at this time is filling your home with toxic chemicals from your cleaning products. It can be so easy to reach for everything in the supermarket but did you know that you could save money as well as help our environment by cleaning with eco-friendly or natural products?

Natural products will clean just as well – some clean even better- plus your home will be safe for your children and pets. If you want to have a go at making your own cleaning products head over to my eco cleaning page here or if you like the ease of having your products readymade, why not try something like OceanSaver Pods from SaveMoneyCutCarbon? You simply drop a pod into a bottle of water, give it a good shake and you’ll have your cleaning spray in a few minutes. With so much choice it really can be so simple to be more eco-friendly. For more cleaning ideas, products and tips you can check out this previous article here.

ocean saver spray bottle and pods

Freshen Up Your Spring Wardrobe

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much wardrobe space which means I have to put my spring/summer wear away into drawers and in the storage under my bed to make enough room for the winter clothes and vice versa. As useful as this is it also means that you have to be pretty organised before the warmer weather hits so that you have something clean and fresh to wear. I know doing laundry isn’t everyone’s favourite job but when you have a simple solution that can cut out the extra work, extra products and reduces the toxins your home sends out into our waterways then you may start to look at it a little differently.

eco egg

The ecoegg is your complete all-in-one laundry alternative. We’ve been using ours for just over a year now and love it for ease of use, for its longevity, the fact it is gentle on our clothes and skin (approved by AllergyUK) as well as being non-toxic. It is a complete replacement for both detergent and conditioner which means it can save you up to 40 plastic bottles of detergent and fabric softener per year! The egg works by being a casing for the mineral pellets which act as the washing agent. You simply fill it up, close it back up and place it into the drum on top of your washing. Each egg should last you around 70 washes and once your pellets have all been used up you just purchase a refill pack to replace them. Available in several fragrances you should be able to find something to suit your taste and as each wash will only cost you around 10p per load your pile of laundry should now give you something to smile about.

However, it isn’t only your clothes that need a spring refresh – do not forget to clean your machine! Your washing machine needs a little monthly TLC and you can easily do this using the ecoegg washing machine detox tabs. They remove build-up, grime, bad odours and will leave your machine sparkling clean.

You can view the full ecoegg range over on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website.

Bee Happy

This is a great time of year for attracting insects and wildlife to your garden so why not spend a little time focussing on making your outdoor space a little ‘greener’? Here are a few of my favourite things to do:

  • Build a bughouse
  • Don’t cut hedges back too early
  • Mow the lawn less frequently
  • Provide a source of water
  • Plant bee-friendly flowers such as lavender
  • Use seed boms to create a natural looking wildflower area – just shake it, soak it, throw it onto a patch that needs a little boost and watch and wait for it to transform

By doing less you will actually be doing so much more.

4 seed bombs

Grow Your Own

When we think about growing our own fruit, vegetables and herbs it can sound a little daunting but I promise you that anybody can give it a go and find success in this area. Growing your own is a really great step in sustainability as it means you will be avoiding plastic waste from the supermarkets, you will be growing what is in season so reducing your carbon footprint (many of our fruit and veg found in the shops is flown over to the UK), you will be reducing food waste as you will grow what you need and can freeze what you don’t use plus it helps to create a little eco-system within your garden.

We have been growing our own strawberries, Rosemary, several varieties of Thyme, Peppers and lettuces for a couple of years now and this year we are attempting a few more. It takes practice, it takes a little time with tending to seeds and checking on growth, keeping the snails away etc. but it is so rewarding once you can pick your own homegrown foods.

You can get a wide range of seeds for growing here.

my hand holding a selection of seeds in front of a pallet planter

With these simple steps you will be Spring ready in no time and doing your little bit for our environment too.

If you’d like to save more money on these eco-friendly spring products or any other eco swaps that will help to reduce your carbon footprint and household waste, then why not sign up to the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Members Club where you will receive exclusive special offers, products and bundles, you can earn Planet club points, unbeatable prices, exclusive guides and so much more.

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*This is a paid collaboration with SaveMoneyCutCarbon but as always all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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