Ecoegg Review

eco-egg review

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I was recently sent an Ecoegg to try out and to promote over on Instagram and even though I wasn’t asked to write a blog review on it I felt it may be useful for some of my readers. So here are my honest thoughts and review of the Ecoegg.


What is Ecoegg?

The Ecoegg is a complete replacement for laundry detergent and fabric conditioner but works without the use of harmful chemicals. Containing natural mineral pellets, this laundry alternative is designed to lift away dirt without fading your clothes or leaving any residue. It is eco-friendly because it reduces the amount of plastic waste in your home, it is made from natural ingredients, is not tested on animals and is not harmful to the water system. It is also perfect for anybody with allergies or sensitive skin as it is completely gentle and they have worked with Allergy UK and hold their ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award’.

First Impressions

When the Ecoegg arrived I immediately noticed the simple and plastic-free outer packaging. In its brown box, with a funky design and full of information, they have this area spot on. Everything you need to know is right there and if you want to know more you are directed to visit their website. Inside you get the plastic egg as well as several bags of the pellets. Unfortunately, these have to be sent in plastic bags in order to keep them safe and dry during transportation. It’s a shame to see the use of plastic in such an eco-friendly product but I fully understand that a lot of brands cannot get away from this yet as there isn’t another waterproof option. 

Setting Up

To make up your egg you simply undo the 2 halves by pressing the button in the middle and twisting them. You then fill up the inside with 2 bags of white pellets and 1 bag of black pellets. Make sure you balance the Ecoegg well as there are a lot of pellets to go inside and it easily topples… yes, I am speaking from experience! Once filled, pop the two halves back together and you are ready to go.

the eco-egg open with pellets inside for review



All you do is place the Ecoegg on top of your laundry and wash your clothes as normal. No need for powder or conditioner which should save you both time and money. One Ecoegg will do around 70 washes. Once the pellets dissolve you simply purchase a refill pouch from the company and fill your egg back up again. 

the eco-egg held by me in front of the washing machine


Ecoegg Review

How have I found the results? Mixed, I must admit. If the load is small, the laundry comes out lovely and clean and smells fresh. However, if I load it up, I have found that the Ecoegg cannot move around freely enough in order to get to all of the clothes and they can actually come out smelling musty. I have experimented with different load sizes as well as with my clothes, the kids plus bedding etc and I would say for best results you need to only half fill the drum, you want a good long wash and if you want an added scent you will need to either pop a little conditioner in or add essential oils to the wash. I want to also add a note that I have the Samsung Eco Bubble that also uses less water so this may have affected the results too.

I’m sad to have to admit that it just does not cut it on stained children’s clothes. My youngest is 2 and most of his clothes have something spilt down them during the day and even after 2 washes with the Ecoegg, the stains just are not removed. When I then wash them with ordinary washing powder, the stains do generally come out. Of course, if you washed those clothes immediately you may get better results but I don’t really want to be doing lots of little washes each day.

The Ecoegg is also not suitable for cloth nappies. I have read mixed reviews in cloth nappy groups but the egg can actually catch the poo particles within the centre which is not hygienic.

Overall it washes nicely if your clothes are not too heavily stained or dirty and I am very happy to do the majority of my laundry with this as it is simple to use, it is saving me money and it is kind on the environment which is the most important part to me.

Have you used the Ecoegg? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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*Disclosure: I was sent the ecoegg to promote on Instagram but was not asked to review it on my blog. I have chosen to do this myself.

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9 thoughts on “Ecoegg Review

  1. I’ve found the same as you that recently they’ve been smelling a little musty. We were away over Christmas too and I didn’t take the egg with us and I was much happier with my washing with normal tablets. I’m going to try some essential oils in with the egg too and see if that makes a difference but I did read somewhere that the egg is just like washing with water and doesn’t make any difference so it’s hard to know what to do for the best

    1. Yes I saw someone say that and another person said it is like soap so it does clean but not deep down like a detergent would. It is so hard with some of these changes because we are so used to things working perfectly. I think I will carry on because then at least I am doing something to help the environment.

  2. I must admit I’m a fill the machine till bursting! With 5 of us, one who plays football, 2 who think taking clothing out the wardrobe constitutes to dirty and a gardener our machine is on all the time! I need something that is going to do an excellent job each time, but I want to reduce our plastic consumption too. I tried those smol tablets and they didn’t clean the clothes very well either,

  3. The first thing which needs to be done before using your ecoegg is to clean your washing machine. Use the hottest wash cycle with soda crystals in the empty drum. This cleans out stale washing powder residue from the machine and pipes which has built up over time. It may be necessary to repeat this in order to thoroughly clean your machine.

    1. I clean my washing machine once a month as I am cloth nappy user. I use white vinegar for it and citric acid every now and then for limescale. I’m also lucky because my washing machine actually reminds me to do it too.

  4. Is it really necessary for the pellets to be held in a plastic ball – would this not mean that micro plastics are released every wash..also more plastic to either have to recycle or dump..would a tough fabric bag such as sacking, not do the same job I wonder?

    1. I’m honestly not too sure, this may be something that the company could answer for you? I’m not sure what testing it has gone through to check how it breaks down. If you use soap nuts those can go inside a material bag if that helps you at all?

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