How to Throw Indoor Birthday Parties at Home for Kids

birthday party for kids
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Are you planning a birthday party for your child at home? This post will help you throw fantastic, budget-friendly kids’ birthday parties at home! 

Hosting a birthday party indoors gives more opportunities when it comes to decor or just relaxing. Every parent wants their child’s birthday to be fun and memorable. No problem! We’ve got some ideas for your kid’s next indoor birthday party with some classic games and more. 

Every child deserves a special kind of birthday party, right? Then why not host an indoor party with lots of activities and other game ideas? Kids’ birthday parties shouldn’t be similar to adult parties; as a parent, you must arrange things that make their party unique and more exciting. 

Stay Specific With The Choices

  1. When planning a birthday party for your child, prioritize creating a fun and memorable experience. Invite all of their friends, including neighbors or maybe their cousins.
  2. Birthday parties should revolve around the activities children will do together, like Kids Murder Mystery Games or different types of crafts. Introduce some new activities so that they can stay engaged for a long time. 
  3. When planning a party theme, prioritize activities over character decorations. If your kids are toddlers or older, like above 6 years old, they love to experience activities. 

Set A Party Budget

  1. Throwing a kids’ birthday party doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most of the home parties we’ve had over the years cost less than $100.
  2. Consider whether you want to organize and lead the games, activities, and crafts yourself or hire entertainment.
  3. Plan the birthday party in the afternoon and offer snacks and birthday cake instead of a full meal.
  4. Have the birthday party craftwork also serve as the party favor.
  5. Save money by choosing solid-colored paper goods instead of expensive themed ones. 
  6. Decorate with affordable reusable decorations or streamers.

List Down The Guest List

  1. Consider the number of guests your child wants to invite. 
  2. A larger guest list requires more space for activities and crafts. 
  3. A backyard or local park is great for larger parties.

Decide The Venue, Date, & Time 

  1. The biggest challenge in picking a party date is coordinating with kids’ sports and activities. 
  2. You don’t want to schedule a party when they have soccer or dance class.
  3. Select the date and time before days of the actual event. 
  4. Send early invites to your guests to avoid confusion. 
  5. Ensure that the invitation card provides all the details regarding the venue, activities, and any other costumes the children need

Choose A Party Theme 

  1. Hosting a birthday party with a required theme gives more vibes and excitement. 
  2. If you’re choosing a theme, make sure to arrange matching activities and games. 
  3. For example, if you’ve selected a mystery theme, you must arrange mystery games with matching props and costumes. 

Plan the Party Games and Activities with Set Timelines

  1. Once you’ve chosen your party theme, break down the activities and entertainment into manageable components.
  2. Plan an opening activity for when guests arrive, followed by 4-5 games or activities lasting 10-15 minutes each.
  3. Make sure to schedule 60-90 minutes for games and activities and 30 minutes for food and cake, then end the party with a final activity. 

8 Great Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

Do you find it challenging to select a birthday party idea for your kids? No worries—here are 8 exciting and great indoor birthday party ideas to make your kids fall in love with you again!

  1. Mystery Fun

Host a murder mystery fun activity for your kids to develop their thinking ability in fun ways. You can get more props and other gaming kits; click here for more info

  1. Hula Hoop Competiton

This game is best for a small to medium-sized group of children. Consider the kids’ ages, as 4-year-olds may not be as interested or skilled at hula hooping as 11-year-olds.

  1. Painting Party

Consider hosting a paint party for kids. It’s fun and great for building their confidence and supporting their emotional well-being. You’ll need supplies like canvases, easels, paints, brushes, aprons, and instructions.

  1. Hot Lava Monster

You can set up pillows or pieces of fabric around the room and have players jump from one to the other without touching the floor, or the “lava.”

  1. Candy Olympics

Consider hosting a Candy Olympics for an indoor birthday party. It’s a unique and entertaining game, perfect for little sports lovers or candy fans. Bonus points if it coincides with the Summer or Winter Olympic Games.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game is great because it is simple but really interactive and fun for all the children – even the adults! To save money, you could draw the donkey yourself onto a large piece of card, make a tail out of fabric or ribbon and use a scarf as the blindfold.

  1. Baking Art Creation 

For a younger group or kids, focus on decorating. For instance, bake or buy cupcakes and layout decorations (sprinkles, frosting, toppers, etc.) for your partygoers.

  1. Soccer Game – Indoor Activity Fun

Consider an indoor soccer game for a group of sports fans. Most cities have indoor soccer teams playing during the colder months. Look up local teams and plan your child’s party around an exciting match. Some stadiums may have restaurants or party rooms for post-game fun.


With Painting to Gogh, planning your indoor celebration is a breeze. Choose a kids’ painting, mystery, or indoor soccer game, and experience a new thrilling to your home. Your kids need something more unique and exciting to enjoy the birthday event. Make sure to choose the idea that reflects your kids’ personality and style. Enjoy the fun!

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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