Masha and The Bear Race To The Tree House Game Review And Giveaway!

masha and the bear race to the tree house game

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Have you heard of Masha and The Bear? Have you seen the show? If not, it is about a little girl who goes into the woods to basically terrorise a bear. Think Looney Tunes style. There’s very little words, lots of music and a lot of slapstick fun as well as infuriating moments where you wonder things like where are her parents? Why doesn’t the bear just move? And why does she like annoying him? Answers that will never be answered!! But it makes Jake roll around with laughter so it’s obviously spot-on for kids.

As Masha and The Bear has grown in popularity, a new board game has been brought out by Tactic and luckily for you guys, it’s just in time for Christmas! Masha and The bear Race to The Tree House is a cardboard board game which is very similar to snakes and ladders– which is why I knew it would be perfect for Jake. 

Masha and the bear race to the tree house game


Game Assembly

The game comes flat packed but is very easy to assemble by folding the sides down on each level and slotting them into place.

the game flat packed

the masha and the bear game assembled


The largest level fits into the bottom of the box which creates the sturdy base for the whole game to be played on.


How To Play

It comes with detailed instructions on how to play and it is very simple concept. A roll of the dice will tell you how many steps to take, you must always work clockwise around the board and 2 players can’t ever be on the same spot at once. If this happens you must go to the next free space and follow the ladder. The green arrows mean you can move up a level and the pink ones mean you move down. The dice also has these arrows on there, so if you land on one of those you will immediately move up. The first person to the top of the tree house on the star symbol wins!

the instructions for masha and the bear game


Playing Masha and The Bear Race to The Tree House

It didn’t take Jake long to clock how the game was played and he was very quickly setting up our pieces to play with him (there are 4 characters in total). The age recommendation on the box is for 4+ but if you have a patient younger one who will happily sit and wait for their turn and will understand the way in which it works, I am sure they will enjoy it too. William (2) did attempt to have a go with us… Didn’t last long though!

Jake and William playing masha and the bear game at the table


Jake, however, could play this over and over again. He loves games and when it features characters he loves, he is usually hooked!

Jake playing the masha and the bear game

Jake playing the masha and the bear game


He is also very good at these games and he beat me twice in a row!! 

Jake playing the masha and the bear game


Overall Thoughts

The Masha and the Bear Race to the Tree House game gets 2 big thumbs up from Jake! It is a game that should last us years to come and will keep both children entertained. 

If you’d like to buy the game for your own little ones it is available over at The Entertainer for £15.00 however, you could also win a game here…

Win Masha and The Bear Race to the Tree House Game


Good Luck!

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*We were gifted the game in exchange for an honest review and to run the giveaway. All opinions are my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.


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