How Much Coffee is Too Much Coffee?


If you are a coffee lover then you will know all about the wondrous powers of coffee and it is probably the one thing that you need to kick-start your day. However, you might find that you have started to love your coffee fix a little bit too much. Having too much coffee can result in sleep problems or even raised blood pressure. So it is important that you drink your coffee in moderation and try to mix it up a bit with other drinks throughout the day.


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A lot of research has gone into the health effects of coffee. This article published by CNN shows that there are a number of great benefits of having between three and five cups of black coffee each day. The study showed that it lead to reducing the risk of heart disease, liver disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s amongst other major health issues. This is thought to be linked with the high amount of antioxidants in coffee. In fact, some studies show that coffee provides people with more antioxidants than fruit and vegetables do!



You will notice that it says black coffee because many of the lovely coffees we get in Starbucks or Costa are filled with calories in creams and various other ingredients that make you want to buy them. The caffeine can provide both a positive and negative effect, giving you a quick energy boost just when you need it. It can lead to feeling a bit jittering if you have too much of it though and like we mentioned earlier, having caffeine later in the day may prevent you from getting to sleep.


Research also shows that the caffeine boost helps to improve your mood and even your memory and reaction times! Coffee has also been found to burn fat, so is a big favourite with people looking to lose weight. A Harvard study also indicated that women drinking 4+ cups of coffee each day were 20% less likely to develop depression. So there really are many excellent reasons to pop the kettle on.


With Christmas just around the corner, the excitement of festive coffee variations are very tempting. From gingerbread flavouring and different festive inspired syrups, you may soon find that all of that extra sugar leads to putting weight on, so try to keep your festive drinks for a special occasion rather than switching over for the duration of the lead up to Christmas. They all look so good and taste so good too but they have so many more calories than your standard cup of skinny latte, so beware!


To summarise, there are some proven health benefits of drinking coffee but if your coffee is loaded with whipped cream, syrups and sugars then you will be risking a whole host of other health related problems. Try to prevent your love of coffee from being the reason that you are consuming too many calories. If you can drink black coffee then that is the best way to keep the calories down or at least try and stick to a coffee with low fat milk. A few cups a day when you have full fat milk really adds up!



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