Never Want to Leave: Make Your Home Comfortable

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Modern-day living sees a lot of people spending more time at home and since there can be some very stressful times within our lives, it’s important to make our humble abode as comfortable as possible. A well-designed home will help you relieve stress, get better sleep and improve your overall health. So, what can you do to boost comfort in your home? Here are some ideas you’re bound to love. 


Start with clutter

A messy home will make you feel confused and stressed. Even if you claim you love your creative mess, it causes tension on a subconscious level, so make sure to tackle your clutter before you start adding comfort items. Throw out or hide everything that carries bad memories or doesn’t evoke positive emotions. Once your home is tidy, you can turn to other décor tips. 


Add some pillows

Pillows are synonymous with cosiness, so make sure to accompany your sofa with some cute throw pillows. You can go textural or play with colours, but make sure your pillows stand out. There’s nothing better than sinking into a pile of pillows and watching your favourite TV show in the evening. Pillows are also practical for building a fort which can be a great pastime when you’re stuck at home and bored out of your mind!

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Ensure privacy

If you feel the most comfortable when you’re walking around your house in undies and an oversized shirt, you’ll need to have plenty of privacy. If your sheer curtains aren’t enough, you can accompany them with something thicker that will ensure no one can see inside. You can also invest in blinds that will not only prevent curious eyes but also block light and create a perfect atmosphere for an afternoon nap or movie. 


Stay warm

There’s nothing that can kill comfort faster than being cold, so make sure to fill your home with warming items that will keep you toasty at all times. It’s amazing how a good pair of comfy slippers can positively affect your comfort levels. Find something that fits your foot and is ergonomic and suitable for all-day wear. Grabbing a throw blanket is also a great idea that will not only keep you warm but also improve the look of your sofa. Now, the only thing left is to throw on your onesie and enjoy Netflix for hours! 

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Welcome flowers to your home

Humans are programmed to feel good and relaxed when surrounded by greenery, so make sure to introduce a few pots to your home. No matter if you’re a plant whisperer or have a notoriously black thumb, there are plants for everyone. And if you just want something temporary that will instantly brighten your mood and beautify your space, grab a bouquet of fresh flowers and enjoy their colours and scent. 


Light it up 

Lighting can significantly alter the way you feel and how your home looks. While practical and necessary for certain tasks, overhead lighting should be used only when your lamps are not good enough. Lamps, fairy lights and candles usually provide people with warm and cosy lighting that’s much easier on the eyes. If you don’t have task or ambient lighting, hit the stores or flea markets and you’ll surely find something beautiful and affordable. 

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Finish with some personal items

Try to show off your personal style and preference in every room. If you’re into art, feel free to hang a few of your fav prints and display your books. If you love sports, find space for your memorabilia. Looking at these items every day will instantly make you feel good and relaxed. 

Boosting comfort in your space will make your house feel like home. Once your space feels cosy, warm and comfy, you’ll be able to relax, unwind and enjoy life to the fullest! Every day will feel like a staycation! 

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