Preparing Our New Guest Room

preparing our new guest room with oak furniture
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One of the reasons we bought a 4-bed house six years ago was because we knew we wouldn’t have to move for years to come (if at all) and we could grow into each room as our family grew. We have been very lucky to be able to use one room as an office and one as the laundry room but with the impending arrival of our second child, we are going to have to make some big changes to both of these remaining rooms. We have already decided that the smaller room will be the nursery leaving us to alter the office room to give us a well-needed guest bedroom. The reason we have chosen to do it this way around is that I am still going to need an office area to work from and the larger room can accommodate all of this.

It’s no secret that I love doing up the house and I have been responsible for every look in each room… the husband just has learnt to go along with my passion now. As you saw in a recent post we updated Jake’s room to make it feel more grown up and to ensure that he isn’t left out once we begin on the nursery. But before we can start planning for our new addition we really need to move the around the furniture we already have, sell the items that we no longer need and purchase new furniture that will fit into the space and bring it up to date.

How the room currently looks


I am a sucker for oak furniture because it looks classy, it is built to last and it is most definitely a long term investment. With this in mind, I have started to look on Lifestyle Furniture as they have so many styles to choose from.

I was immediately drawn to this Breton Oak Double Bed which has been based on a 19th Century French country-style. I love how light the oak is in colour which will look lovely next to my light green walls.

oak bed

The matching bed side table is a must if we opt for this style. I am a bit of a matcher when it comes to how I design rooms and I can’t cope with mismatched items!

oak bedside table


We may not have much space for a full-sized chest of drawers but there is this amazing option which will still do the job and look great at the same time.


I have such fond memories of owning a blanket box as a child. It was originally used to house the bed sheets but as soon as me and my sister came along it became a toy box for our living room. I love the rustic feel that blanket boxes give to a room and having now seen this one I am being swayed into going all out and adding this item too!

oak blanket box


Just imagine all of this together to create a new overall look, this would definitely wow any guest who comes to stay!


I guess I’d better get started on shopping for accessories next!

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