In Search Of Space: Interior Innovations For Growing Families

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There comes a time when many families outgrow their homes. If you’re welcoming new additions to the household in the form of newborns or elderly relatives or the kids are getting older, and they need more space, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Moving house may be an idea, but it’s also worth considering other options if you’re keen to stay put.


Making More Space At Home

Extending and converting

If you’re thinking about staying in your home for a considerable amount of time and you need a lot more space, it may be worth investigating the possibility of extending or converting the attic or basement. Extensions come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can give you additional space, as well as adding value to the property. Consider whether you have room for an extension at the back or side of the house and whether it would give you sufficient space. If you need an extra bedroom or you long for a spacious, open-plan family kitchen, it’s a good idea to think about converting the loft or a cellar or basement room. Again, this would add value when you come to sell, as well as solving your space-related problems. If you are thinking about either of these projects, get some quotes from building firms and have a look at ideas online and in magazines to give you inspiration. Work out the costs, take a look at the square footage you could create, and see how much value you could add.

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Being savvier with storage

If your home is a little cramped, but you don’t actually need additional space to make it work, being savvier with storage could provide a solution. Today, there are some incredible storage options on offer, from beds that have hidden drawers and chests with pull-out drawers to TV units with storage and racks and rails that house everything from hats, boots and books to jars, toys and vases. You don’t have to line your rooms with buckets, boxes, and imposing chests of drawers to keep clutter at bay. Take a look around, and you may be amazed at how discreetly and stylishly you can stash your stuff.

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Creating versatile spaces

If you have older relatives living with you or you have children, it’s really useful to turn your home into a versatile space. There are myriad ways you can do this. Use screens to section off areas of the kitchen or living room for different uses or invest in multi-purpose furniture. An extendable table, for example, can turn your kitchen from a work or homework area into an entertaining zone and a sofa bed can easily convert an office or living room into a spare bedroom for guests.



Do you dream of having more space at home? If there’s stuff everywhere or your rooms feel a little cramped, investigate modern storage solutions. If you need extra space to cater for more people and you’re keen to add value to your home, look into the option of extending or converting an attic or basement. If you’ve got a growing family and you want your home to suit all ages, it’s also a great idea to try and create more versatile spaces. Whatever your needs, there are solutions out there!



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