Refreshing Soft Furnishings to Achieve a Spring Look

bed with soft furnishings in pink
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My bedroom has been pretty much neglected in the last few years. It has become a place for getting ready in a hurry, leaving a mess behind me, dumping clean washing and nursing babies throughout the night. I dream of having a bedroom full of luxurious items, of pretty soft furnishings that make it feel elegant and to have a room I can retreat to just to relax. With changes being planned in for other rooms in the house I am now on an interiors mission to make my home complete.

Our flooring in the bedroom is a lovely white floorboard effect laminate which I love. The only problem with it is that it’s pretty cold to walk on in the morning and after a shower. We currently have a large rug covering a lot of it but it is very basic and was bought to basically be functional rather than to look attractive. In order to soften the look, I am thinking of a rug with a larger pile, with a cosier feel and there is a great range of sheepskin rugs to choose from over at Cox and Cox.

sheepskin rug

This pastel pink rug would definitely make the flooring warmer but at the same time, it would add a luxury feel. The colour is much softer than what we have currently; we have a dark purple and very bold feature wall which I feel needs to be lightened up. Soft pinks, golds, whites or creams would give the whole room a more grown-up look rather than the almost teenage decor I have right now!

I also spotted this stunning quilt over on the same website, which matches the rug beautifully. I can just imagine wrapping myself up in this on a warm spring evening or laying on it whilst tapping away on my laptop… Oh, a girl can dream can’t she?


I am also going to invest in some high-quality white bed linen. I feel that the white will make the bed look fresh and bright but then the touch of pastels will bring it all together. I don’t want to overdo the colour scheme because it will begin to look a bit OTT and knowing me, I will get bored of it far too quickly.

A throw casually placed at the end of the bed will add another layer and texture to the look of the room. So often, they are only thought of as living room furnishings but a carefully placed throw in a slightly different shade to the other items will work wonders.

Add a variety of scatter cushions and I could have a bed fit for an upmarket hotel room. The key to getting the look spot on is to select a good variation of cushions and by using colours which complement each other, then arranging them in size order. This way, the bed almost becomes the showcase of the room and will draw any visitors eye.

bed with scatter cushions

I would also love to have a lounge chair or some sort of beanbag to have an area to be able to chill in. We don’t have the largest of rooms but I think with a re-jig of the furniture, I could squeeze one in. A large cushion or perhaps another throw, on a wicker chair, would be ideal. The look would then tie in with the bed and almost feel like an extension of this lounging area.

Something like this, maybe?

chair with a sheepskin rug on it

Lastly, the curtains. I find curtains so difficult to buy. It can be so hard to know how they will look with the rest of the room and I always wonder whether plain or patterns are better? I would say patterns are more eye-catching but then if I have other items providing that factor, perhaps plain is the way to go? Having longer curtains with fancy tie-backs would also make the room feel much more elegant. One thing I definitely do need from them is for them to be blackout as the light streams in during the warmer months.

Updating my soft furnishings is such a quick and simple way of transforming my bedroom without having to spend a fortune or getting the tools out! Spring also feels like the perfect time to do this after the longest winter, fresh season, fresh start, new look.

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