Reusable Period Product Options for Your Tween or Teen

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When the time comes for your tween or teen to begin their period you understandably want to be prepared for them but with so many period product options out there it can be a little confusing knowing what to opt for. With younger people being far more eco-conscious than previous generations choosing reusables for their period is the best step you can take. Not only will you be helping to protect their future by helping to protect our environment but you will also be helping their vaginal health too. It’s no secret that disposable period products are in fact classed as single-use plastic but did you know that most also contain chemicals and perfumes that can wreak havoc with your pH balance, your skin and how heavy your flow is. Yes, of course, there are now “eco” disposables available but how eco these are is yet to be seen really. They will still be thrown away, won’t they?! So for me, it is reusables that come out top each and every time. Let’s see which reusable period product options there are for your tween or teen.

Cloth Sanitary Pads

Cloth sanitary pads are a really simple place to start for anybody looking to get into reusable period products. They are very similar to disposable versions only they are made from super soft materials and instead of throwing them away after use, you give them a quick cold hand rinse then add them to a wash in your machine when you have enough for a load (you can add them to your clothes/towels etc just as long as you don’t use conditioner as this affects absorbency). The great thing about CSP is that they are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs and flow allowing you to look for the perfect pad for your tween or teen. A starter pack like this one on Etsy is the best way to get all you need for when they start their period.

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Period Pants

Period pants would have been a complete gamechanger for me if they’d been available when I was at school. Not only are they stretchy and super comfortable but they can be worn for around 8 hours (depending on your flow). This would allow your tween or teen to be able to get on with their day without having to worry about dashing out to the toilet to change their pad/tampon, having to deal with leaks or the embarrassment that can along with these (not that periods should be embarrassing but when you are just starting and it’s all new it can take some getting used to).

WUKA do a great range of teen period product sets to choose from which include a choice of period pant, a wetbag for carrying used ones in plus a book about growing to love your body and embracing changes. You can view their hipster period pant set here. Their tween pant can be seen here.

And if your child enjoys swimming but needs that extra protection during menstruation why not check out the WUKA swim brief as well?

“Ultra-comfortable and luxurious fabrics mean you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Our WUKA Ultimate™ collection undies are made from our most sustainable fabrics and constructed without compromise”

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Just like with cloth sanitary pads, your pants can be quickly rinsed under the tap (this prevents staining) then added to a wash with powder, no conditioner, dried and reused.

Menstrual Cup

I’ve saved this one for last as I know it probably won’t be the first product you or your tween/teen will look at but I wanted to include it because it is the reusable alternative to a tampon and you CAN use one from your first period no matter your age. Obviously, it is a slightly more daunting concept especially if your menstruating child is still quite young but if you can find the right cup and method it is a great period product that will give your tween/teen hours of wear and also allow them to go swimming.

Menstrual cups come in different sizes with different fluid capacities, higher for heavy flows, lower for lighter ones. There is no “teen” option you just need to choose the correct size for their cervix and flow. Most menstrual cup brands will provide all the information you need on their websites in order to help guide you through the buying process. One company I can highly recommend is Ruby Cup. Having used other cups in the past I can say from personal experience that the Ruby Cup is the most comfortable I have tried and what’s even better is that they offer a 120 day money back guarantee which means your tween or teen can try and if it’s just not right, they can send it back.

To find out more about menstrual cups, how to clean them, use them, insert them and so on, I have a detailed article dedicated to answering all of your menstrual cup questions here and you can view Ruby Cup’s website here.

Ruby Cup

I really hope these product ideas have helped and that you’ll be able to find one or a combination of some that will allow your tween or teen to have a pleasant menstrual flow.

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