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totsbots easyfit reusable nappies and wet bag and changing mat

*Gifted Reusable Nappies

Reusable nappies have become a passion of mine (something you may have noticed!) Since making the swap in June last year I have gradually built up a stash big enough to wave goodbye to single-use nappies for good, I have talked about the ease of the switch and have tried my best to spread the word that reusable nappies are the way forward for our environment. However, the benefits of changing aren’t all about being eco-friendly. We have discovered that William is far more comfortable in reusables, that he never gets nappy rash and that we are saving ourselves a lot of money in long-run. If that isn’t enough to tempt you just yet, perhaps the designs will?! Have you SEEN today’s reusable nappies?

Cute, funky, fun, bright and colourful!

So, when I was contacted by one of the most popular reusable nappy companies, Totsbots, asking me to take part in the launch of their brand new spring/summer Elements range I was very excited to try them out and let you guys know my thoughts.

Who Are Totsbots?

Totsbots began as a simple husband and wife team who began their business at their kitchen table 18 years ago. Armed with just some material and a sewing machine, founder Fiona began to work on her prototypes asking friends and family to try them out. They were hugely popular and as the demand grew the couple found themselves a the start of something very exciting. In 2003, TotsBots revolutionized the industry by developing an eco-friendly and ultra-performing cloth nappy. The ‘Bamboozle’ was the first ever cloth nappy to win the Mother and Baby Gold Award and is still hugely popular today (we use these at night).

Today, Totsbots are still a family run business in Scotland and they are proud to be able to say that every nappy is made here in the UK. They are passionate about driving the eco-friendly message, about reducing their carbon footprint and producing products with only ethically sourced materials.

EasyFit STAR Reusable Nappies

The Easyfit reusable nappies are very aptly named because they are just that: easy to fit. With their super soft material and simple velcro fastening, they are perfect for a quick nappy change as well as for comfort. This is what Totsbots say about them:

  • Super absorbent bamboo core which is soft and gentle next to baby’s bum
  • Stay dry buffer zones to keep liquid locked into core
  • Clever stitch free seams – no leaks!
  • Waterproof tummy area
  • Oekotex certified – no harmful chemicals next to your babies skin
  • Easy hook and loop fastening
  • One size fits most from birth to potty training – 8 to 35lbs


The Elements Range

The brand new elements range has taken its inspiration from things that you can see in the sky and consists of 3 gorgeous prints; Ballons (Pop), Clouds (Breeze) and Dandelion Seeds (Dandy). I was sent all three designs to try out and review as well as a wet/dry bag plus a changing mat in the Dandy style.

As you can see, the prints are beautifully colourful and bold, perfect for the Spring/Summer season… And choosing a favourite print is extremely hard!

3 reusable nappies

The Totsbots Review

First Thoughts

I hadn’t ever used Totsbots for the daytime before. I was aware of some of their range and already successfully use their Bamboozles with a PeeNut wrap at night but I hadn’t thought about trying their Easyfit range. I have friends who have raved about them but I guess with more and more brands to choose from, it can be hard to try them all out which is why I felt very fortunate to be sent this new range and to get the chance to find out how they work firsthand.

When I first opened them I of course, loved the prints, how could I not?! But I was instantly surprised at how soft all of the material was and not just inside. The outer layer is soft and flexible and I could tell that it would mould to the shape of William. My next thoughts were ‘wow, this is an all in one nappy!’ And I was shocked at this because other all in ones I have used have been far bulkier and heavier. These are so similar to my pocket nappies, being slimline, light and soft.

the side of the reusable nappy

The Fit

The Totsbots Easyfit fit William perfectly. He isn’t very chunky now that he’s an active toddler and I like a reusable nappy that will sit snugly and allow him to move freely. These did not disappoint. Straight away he was fine with the first nappy I put on. He didn’t attempt to remove it, he didn’t seem bothered and he continued to play and run around. I particularly loved how the material around the legs naturally sit tucked under in order to prevent leaks and marks.

I must admit I was concerned that the velcro would be far too tempting for him (he had recently started to undo his other ones we own and taking them off) but for some reason, these haven’t had the same effect. I am wondering if it is because the velcro on the Easyfit sits closer to his body and is slimmer so it doesn’t bother him as much as the other brand does? Anyway, I am happy if he is happy in them and if it means no more deserted nappies in my home it’s another win!

the Dandy style on William

The Wear Results

Ok, so I will admit that after realising they were all in ones, seeing how slim they are and knowing that we’d had few leaks of late, I was a little dubious that these would withstand his new increase in wee. However, I love giving new things a try and I love learning about what else is available… And these proved me completely and utterly wrong!

I was astounded by their absorbency, I honestly could not believe how one day he had been in one for 6 hours before I realised and changed him. The thing is, his current nappies usually change shape a little, it may feel damp after too many hours or he tells me by pulling the front a bit. However, the Easyfit didn’t do any of these and he wasn’t fussed. Ok, so 6 hours is a long time, I know and I felt awful for leaving him that long, in my defence he had slept for 2 hours in that time too but the fact that there were no leaks was amazing. I have since spoken to a friend who bought some for her own son after I posted about them on Instagram and she has told me that she has had an average wear of 4-5 hours out of them which I wanted to add in here because it gives you another example of how absorbent these reusable nappies are.

So, we have been out and about, in the garden, he has been to gymnastics and sat in the car and pushchair (which can both cause pressure leaks) and all in all every single time we have been left happy. The nappies have not restricted any of his movements and they have not let us down when we have been out.

william pretending to mow the lawn in his easyfit reusable nappy

Washing and Drying

All three of the nappies have been used over the last couple of weeks and all have washed beautifully. I have previously written about how we wash our nappies and I just simply do a cold rinse then my best 40° wash with Persil washing powder. Nothing fancy, no soaking, no hassle. I then either line dry them or hang them up on a clothes drier in our spare room. These reusable nappies have no stains or stinks and have stayed lovely and white. The only noticeable difference between these and my pocket nappies is that they have taken a little bit longer to dry. I think where you can separate out the pockets from the inserts they seem to dry much quicker so this will be something to bear in mind.

William climbing to get to reusable nappies

The Wet Bag and Changing Mat

I love the changing mat, not only does it have the gorgeous Dandy print, it is also extremely large, super soft on both sides and even has a tie which makes it easy to roll up and store.

the totsbots changing mat

The wet bag really impressed me because it is actually 2 in 1! This style is one larger wet bag with a smaller one that can popper on and off the front which means the way you could use these is limitless. You could choose to take just one out with you, you could use the large one for your dirty nappies at home if you didn’t want a nappy bucket, you could use one for wet nappies and the other to store reusable wipes in, you could use them for swimming and take wet costumes home in one and the nappies in the other… So many options! And these are honestly going to be so handy!

the wet bags

Overall Thoughts

Overall I am super impressed by the Totsbots Easyfit range and would highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for an ultra-absorbent, easy to use reusable nappy and especially to those who are new to cloth because there is no way you could go wrong with these.

The new Elements range is available in the Easyfit which is £17.99, Teenyfit £10.99, PeeNut wrap £12.99, wet bags £10.99, wet/dry bags £14.99 and happy mats at £12.49.

You can view the entire range that Totsbots have to offer over on their website here.

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*This is a paid and gifted collaborative campaign in association with Totsbots. All opinions remain honest and my own as always. For further details please refer to my disclosure page.

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  1. These look great! I love how simple their website makes it to choose the right nappy. I love the prints and these seem a lot less expensive than some I’ve looked at. Good to know they’re great quality too.

  2. These are gorgeous designs, lovely and colourful! Shall bear them in mind if I have another baby 😜 such a brilliant way to help the environment too!

  3. These designs are gorgeous. Definitely much nice and cuter than reuseables! I never used cloth nappies with my boys but would strongly consider it if I have another one. xx

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