Tips To Revamp Your Inherited Jewelry Pieces

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Inheriting jewelry is like a dream come true for anyone. But you may not actually want to wear the precious pieces your mom or grandma hands over to you because they look outdated. At the same time, you will probably never want to sell them for cash as they have sentimental value. Luckily, you can find a middle path by upgrading them. However, refurbishing your delicate legacy jewels may sound daunting. But we have a list of tips to revamp your inherited jewelry pieces without compromising luster or value.

Set aside the timeless classics

When you inherit several jewelry pieces as a family legacy, do not write off the entire collection as outdated. It may have some timeless classics such as solitaire studs, a string of pearls, and a gold bracelet. Such vintage items never go out of vogue, so you can wear them without qualms and even pass them on to the next generations. Check the collection and set these pieces aside as forever memories.

Create multiple pieces

A large antique diamond necklace from your grandma may not be wearable. But you can ask a designer to create multiple, easy-to-wear pieces from it. For example, get smaller pieces like a pendant, earrings, and rings you can wear to the office. You can even design similar pairs of earrings for your children if you want each of them to get a share in the family treasure.

Merge different pieces into one

Another way to revamp your inherited jewelry is by merging multiple pieces into one. You may get a jewelry redesign expert to replicate your favorite celeb style by combining the gold and gemstones from different items in your inheritance. The good thing is that you can proudly own a creation you could only dream about. A designer can craft an incredible design while saving some metal and precious stones. You can even sell them to cover the making charges.

Play with color and metal

Converting an old piece of inheritance into a contemporary one is easier than you imagine. You may get a new look by playing with color. All you need to do is swap the diamonds with colored gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Alternatively, you can switch metals such as white gold or platinum for bright yellow gold to change the look of old jewelry.

Repair instead of revamp

Consider repairing inherited jewelry if you want to preserve the memories and wear them on special occasions. You may even want to keep the treasure in the family without any change. But it is vital to maintain and store your jewelry pieces properly to ensure that they retain their beauty and value over the years. You can skip a complete overhaul and get a polishing job. Also, ask the expert to check the loose stones and reset them.

An inherited jewelry piece is a treasure, and it deserves all the love and cares you can give. Following these simple tips makes them wearable and enhances their value until they are ready to go to the next generation.

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