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Thanks to the golden age of food shows that have been present everywhere in the last decade, chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Tom Colicchio and Matt Moran have become household names, and plenty of individuals have expanded their culinary lexicon, learned new ways to cook and improved the taste of their food. These shows have millions of viewers who turn their TV on every week to watch their favourite cooking productions. The people’s enthusiasm made these shows survive for years, as is the case with the Great British Bake Off, which is in its 14th season. 

But if the old adage says that we are what we eat, does this also apply to what we watch on TV? Probably yes, as researchers agree that the TV has the power to shape what we eat. Studies show that culinary productions influence how healthy our diets are and what are our food preferences. 

Let’s discover together the most popular cooking shows that influenced how we cook and eat. 

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is a long-running show and one of the most beloved TV productions of all time. The show brings together home-bakers to compete in a fun-filled environment, where they must use their baking skills to impress the judges. They are given a new challenge every week, and then they receive feedback. The ones that are not inspired in a week will go home, which will continue until only one makes it to the very end. 

The show has many seasons and stands out as an impressive production where everyone is treated with respect and kindness. The incredibly talented bakers also are a bonus that makes a wholesome show. In each season, you will see how serious Brits are about their bakeries, and you might also steal a recipe or two. 

Nadiya’s British Food Adventure

Nadiya’s British Food Adventure is a mood booster that instantly makes you smile. Nadiya Hussein is the winner of the sixth season of The Great British Bake Off, and in the series, she will take you on a trip around Britain to learn more about the cooking process and fresh produce. In every episode, she visits chefs, farmers and fishermen, gets inspired by what she sees and then creates her own mouth-watering recipes. In this miniseries, you will enjoy Nadiya’s fun personality and learn more about the culinary scene around Britain. And for sure, you will not be disappointed if you try out her recipes. 

Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites

Mary Berry is one of Britain’s most beloved chefs and food writers, writing over 50 cooking books. She has also been a judge in numerous cooking TV shows, and she is widely known for her baking talents and homey and delicious recipes. In this TV miniseries, Mary Berry shares one of her favourite recipes on screen so people can try them at home. With Mary Berry’s numerous years of experience in the cooking world, this show provides plenty of quality for those who want to learn new information about cooking. 

The kitchen in which Mary Berry cooks is also a bonus, as it looks fantastic and provides a cosy atmosphere. If you want a similar kitchen but don’t have the budget to make huge changes, you can opt for replacement kitchen doors. This way, you will improve the look of your cooking space without breaking the bank.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

In this show, Gordon Ramsay, a world-renowned chef, will visit struggling restaurants to see what is wrong with them and offer guidance on how they can improve and become more successful. Ramsay is a unique television presence, particularly because of its utter bluntness. Although he may be a harsh person, he is an experienced chef. 

The show delves into restaurants and other food businesses in terms of customer service, hygiene, teamwork and, of course, the cooking itself. Everyone interested in the food and beverage industry can watch this series, as they will learn valuable information about what happens behind the scenes in a restaurant. 

Master Chef

One of the most famous cooking shows internationally is definitely Master Chef. The show started in 1990 in the UK and has now been adapted to more than 30 countries, each having the same format. Master Chef is an addictive TV show that features talented chefs who must go through rigorous challenges to prove that they are the ones who deserve to win the competition. Still, the advantages don’t stop here, as the winner will also get a hefty monetary prize. 

The show is very funny, especially because it pushes the participants’ creativity to the maximum level. For instance, some challenges include cooking with random ingredients that don’t mix well together and creating dishes that ooze with flavour. You will surely get glued to the screen by simply seeing the judges’ commentaries and the ideas, execution and colours of the entire show.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

In this show, Jimmy Doherty and Jamie Oliver combined their genius to serve appealing food for all their guests. The best part of the show is that they track the favourite food of the celebrities and recreate it with their help. The two chefs also advocate for healthier food options and touch on issues in the food industry. 

The bottom line

Our reaction to food is different, and our perception changes from one person to another. Some people see food just as a way to fuel their bodies, while others as an art to get lost in. Still, one thing is sure: food is an excellent tool to bond, socialise and experience something new. People have generally improved the way they cook with the help of TV shows which have presented more recipes to be tried out and new cooking processes that were unknown to the general public.

Which of the cooking shows presented above is your favourite?

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