5 Popular Interior Design Trends To Use In Your Bedroom This Year

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Each year brings new and fresh interior design trends that we can use to transform our homes. In previous years, we have seen a rise in the use of gold, exposed light fixtures, and subway tiles as some of the more popular home décor trends. With every new year there comes new decorating styles that we can use, new materials, new colours and textures to fall in love with. If transforming your bedroom interior is at the top of your list for this year, then here are some popular design ideas that you can experiment with.

Layered rugs

Fully carpeted bedrooms have been out of style for a number of years now. Many people choose to style their bedrooms with hardwood flooring instead. However, when it comes to comfort in the bedroom, adding rugs can help make the room feel more inviting and cosy. Layering a plush rug over a main rug not only adds texture to the room but also provides comfort for bare feet too. There are many styles and types of rugs that can help you add a stylish touch to your bedroom interior this year such as sheepskin rugs or geometric rugs.

Adding a splash of colour

If you are wanting to create a relaxing bedroom in your home, then using a neutral colour scheme can be a great idea to use. However, one trend this year is to add small pops of colour to your interiors to help transform the space. Bursts of colour in your bedroom decor can stand out more when you have a main neutral colour scheme like cream, grey, or white. There are so many ways that you can easily add your favourite accent colours to your bedroom with duvet covers, curtains, accessories and more.

dark green/turquoise paint going on a wall idea for bedroom interior

Copper accents

Over the years there have been many popular materials to use in interior design like rose gold, marble, and dark wood. But one stylish material that is popular to use in your bedroom interior this year is copper. Whether you are adding a modern touch or rustic one to your interior, there are many fun and creative copper bedroom ideas that you can use in your home this year, particularly if you love the overall aesthetics of iron beds. You can easily use copper to transform your bedroom lighting with copper pendant lights or even update your bedroom dresser with sleek copper dresser handles.

Minimalist designs

Minimalist home décor has been a popular design that keeps trending year after year. This décor style can be used in living rooms and kitchens and is also a great look for your bedroom too. Minimalist design can help you to create a calming and peaceful sleep environment in your home. There are many ways that you can make a bold design look with minimalist bedroom décor with features such as sleek wrought iron beds, floaty curtains and statement chandeliers. The key to creating a stylish minimalist bedroom this year is a bright and well-organised living space.

Adding nature to your interiors

Another popular bedroom interior trend that has become popular over the years is adding plants and flowers to your room. Some studies suggest that plants in our bedrooms can help to improve sleep patterns and help to purify the air in our homes. Aloe Vera and English Ivy are just some examples of plants that can help create a relaxing tone to your room this year. Flowers can also help you add a splash of colour to your bedroom and help add a lovely fragrance to your room.

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