Adding Value To Your Home

adding value to your home
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Our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. It is the home which we live in, nurture, bring our family up in and where we spend a huge chunk of our lives. A home is a great investment to have because the long-term return can be great if that property has been worked on and the market inflates. If you don’t currently think of your home as a way to make some extra money, you should start now. Even if you don’t plan on selling up and moving out just yet, one day the time might come where you need to upsize due to a larger family or downsize when the kids fly the nest. It will be at this point that all of your hard work will pay off or be a waste of time.

There are plenty of ways you can increase the value of your home. Just think about property and real estate, they can take a property from auction which is a mere shell and for a few thousand they can transform the space and make the value of that property much higher, the same applies to your home.

It might be worth speaking to a local estate agent before you decide to make any changes to your property in order to see what value you are at in the present. You can then talk about the changes to plan on making and the estate agent will be able to estimate what your home could be worth after the work. If it costs more to get the work done than the value rises, it’s not worth the hassle. Here are a few tips for adding value to your home…

Plan a Loft Conversion

There are so many people who have a loft space which they never utilise to its full potential. A loft space is usually viewed as the home’s dumping ground for childhood toys, random objects and Christmas decorations, but it can be so much more than that if you put the work into it.

It is a great option for people who either have a few kids and need an extra bedroom or even those who need an office space to convert the loft into a working room of the house. It will be a lot of work, but if you can make the top floor of your homework as a room, you can add a huge value to your home as well as making your lives easier. A great idea would be to split the loft into two sections: a room and a storage space. It means that you still have a place to store all of your bits and bobs, but rather than a dusty shell, it will be a fully plastered and papered room. The rest of the space can then be a bedroom.

The only thing you need to bear in mind with renovating your loft is where the access point will be, you will need a staircase of some sort for safety reasons- so make sure you have a place in your home to put it.

Build an Extension

A simple but costly way to add a chunk of value to your home is to extend out into your garden space. This could involve adding a conservatory space to spend the summer, or a full room which opened up into your kitchen and dining area. Many people love the idea of adding a few extra meters to their kitchen to allow them to have more storage as well as a dining table to host guests. Adding an extra space or another room to your home is a surefire way of adding value and also making your living more comfortable. Always remember to ask for permission from your local planning authority before you begin any work on your home, and ask your neighbours too!

Buy a New Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of any home, and many buyers will use the kitchen as their main judge of a potential property. This is why if you want your home to go up in value you need to make sure that you take the time to look after your kitchen and update the appliances and fittings regularly. It is also a great idea to make sure that you have plenty of storage in your kitchen because it will allow families to store all of the things they need for cooking and hosting guests.

Spruce Up The Bathroom

The bathroom is the next major thing that people will look for in a new home, and you want to make sure that yours is in tip-top condition. By fitting a new bath, sink and toilet, you can add a huge value to your home as well as making it more spacious and be suited to your family lifestyle. If you have the space it would be great to have a separate shower cubicle, but if not it is fine to have your shower above the bath.


Believe it or not, simply adding a conservatory to the outside of your home can make a huge difference to the value of your home, with it being able to raise the value by up to 15%. It can give you a great return on a simple investment, as well as adding a space for you to sit and enjoy the fresh air whilst not getting rained on!

Eco-Friendly Elements

Becoming eco-friendly is a big draw for people these days, so having a few elements in your home which are environmentally friendly can make a huge difference to the overall value of your home. Some of the different things you can add to your home are solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs and good quality insulation. It will not only bring up the value of the home overall, but it will also cut down on your heating bills which is an extra plus! For example, you can upgrade energy-efficient electric heaters that will enable you to have a cozy and warm home all year long, meanwhile minimizing the money spend on electric bills. One of the advantages of electric heaters is that they are fully programmable, thus you can control the heating even if you are not at home. They are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays and becoming a great choice for many customers who are seeking a long-lasting, energy-efficient heating solution. 

Take Pride In The Front Of Your Home

It’s not only the inside of your home that you want to be working on, you also want to make sure that the front of the house is inviting and clean. By painting your front door a bold colour like red or blue you are instantly adding character to the home and making the home feel much more inviting to those passing by. You can also work on the front garden and add some hardy shrubs like hydrangeas to add a splash of life and colour to the space.

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