Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

beeutiful eco-friendly gift pack
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I don’t do your usual gift guides but every now and then I do like to provide my own recommendations based on products I have tried, I regularly use and love. Here are some that you may want to consider as gifts this year that are eco-friendly.

For The Home

Reusable Kitchen Roll

Not only is this super handy to have around the home, it will also reduce your weekly household waste plus it will save you money in the long run. I’ve been using ours for a few months now and I can use these amazing little cloths on so many things including the usual kitchen cleanups. Some of the jobs that spring to mind are cleaning shoes, wiping up spills, cleaning tables, wiping up pen marks, wiping hands and faces, cleaning jobs, wiping down skirting boards… Honestly, they are just so versatile that this list could go on and on.

reusable kitchen roll next to a sink

The reusable kitchen roll I have from The Clever Cactus** is all handmade, available in a lovely variety of prints and can come with or without poppers (the poppers allow you to attach the sheets together as disposable ones do). **The Clever Cactus closed in 2021 but you can get purchase reusable kitchen roll from Etsy here.

Natural Cleaning Products

This year I have really made sure that I have tried my best to make my home as toxic-free as possible and I have achieved this by making my own cleaning products. To help my readers to make theirs, I have popped all of my recipes into graphics which can be saved, downloaded, printed, laminated or pinned for later. I usually purchase my ingredients in bulk via Amazon which means I always have plenty to hand. Some items are staples and these include:

Why not create a little home cleaning pack with some of these ingredients along with some eco-friendly scrubbers and brushes?

For Her

Cloth Sanitary Pads

Period products may seem like a bit of an odd present to gift but I’m all about giving items that will be used, will be useful and ones that may be new to somebody and open their eyes to a more eco-friendly way. Cloth sanitary pads have most definitely changed my periods for the better in both flow, pain and comfort so I think that is a wonderful gift to pass onto somebody else, don’t you?

This is another product that I get from The Clever Cactus** and I have a full blog review on CSP that you can read here to find out much more about the types she handmakes. **The Clever Cactus is no longer running but Ocean Stitch has taken over the work and you can purchase directly from them here.

the Clever Cactus CSP and liners laid out flat

Period Pants

I don’t just use CSP, I also like to use period pants from WUKA because some days I just want to feel as though I’m not on my period at all. They do a great choice of pants now including basics, high waist and even a period swimwear pant. You can view their full range on the WUKA website here.

me in the high waisted period pants by WUKA

Beeutiful Skincare

If you have followed me for a while you will be well aware that I adore Beeutiful skincare products. I use her cleanser, hydrating spray and B-Rose Balm on a daily basis and then her B-Balm comes out and tackles all of our skin issues. She does a fabulous range and all are handmade with care. Not only this but she has won many awards including The Green Parent Mag awards. She does some lovely gift boxes for different times of year which include A Winter Survival Kit, Beeswax Wrap Making Kit, Christmas Gift Box, Beeutiful Gift Box and a Valentine’s (red) Gift Box. Use code Emma10 to get an extra 10% off.

Beeutiful skincare winter survival kit

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Wolf & Gypsy Ethical Jewellery

We all know that jewellery makes a wonderful gift but how can you find UK designed pieces that are also ethically made? Wolf & Gypsy provide all of this and to find out more you can read my full Wolf & Gypsy Ethical Jewellery review here.

me wearing the Wolf & Gypsy necklace

If you’re thinking about proposing a celebration, gifting a sustainable vintage engagement ring is a meaningful way to express your love while also supporting the environment. It’s a conscious choice that not only preserves the history and craftsmanship of the ring but also reduces its negative impact on our planet. By choosing a sustainable vintage ring, you’re not only giving a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery to your partner but also making a positive difference in the world.

For Him

Beeutiful Man Facial Balm

Because men need a little pampering too treat yours to his own facial balm that has a gorgeous pepper, woody scent and is perfect for helping with hydration, irritations and smoothing the skin. I reviewed this fantastic men’s skincare a little while ago and you can purchase it over on Beeutiful’s website here.

beeutiful facial balm for men, a towel, a razor and aftershave laying on a wooden plank

Ethical Superstore

I love ethical superstore, you can get so much from just one website and they even have a gift section. There is plenty to suit all tastes including for the men in your life. Check out some of these eco-friendly gift ideas here.

For Kids

Vegan Crayons

Did you know that most crayons use animal fat as a base?! I had no idea until recently and now only buy crayons from my lovely friend Rowan who set up Funning Up My Crayons this year. She has spent hours mastering how to make these, ensuring that they are cruelty-free and still work. She does a gorgeous pack for those special occasions so do check out her business here.

vegan crayons

Wooden Toys

We love wooden toys and have a wide variety of them now. You can easily find them from a range of stores including charity shops and pre-loved sites. You can check out our favourite wooden toys here.

william stood admiring the Grimms rainbow stacked up

Bath Bomb Making Kit

We recently tried out a Bath Bomb Making Kit from Create a Party and the boys loved it! The kit comes with all of the ingredients you need to make your own bath bombs with no measuring or weighing required. They are simple to make and are allergy safe and nut free too. We spent a lovely afternoon making these and are going to gift some for Christmas so it is completely up to you whether you buy the set as a gift for somebody else to do or if you make the bath bombs yourself to then gift.

bath bombs being made

Cloth Nappies

Ok, so they may not be that much fun for your little one but they are such a handy item to ask for or to receive as a gift as Christmas. They last, they will be used over and over plus they will really help you out budget-wise. If you wanted to help a friend or family member to make the switch from disposable to reusables this is a lovely way of helping them out. With so many fantastic brands now on the market you are really spoilt for choice and there is definitely something for everyone. This is the new range from Baba and Boo:

cloth nappies by baba and boo

Eco-friendly gifts don’t have to be fancy or cost a fortune. Soaps, water bottles, reusable coffee cups, shampoo bars, reusable wipes and so on are all so handy and can be bought quite readily from many places. Popping a nice selection inside a cardboard box as a homemade gift set also gives a lovely personal touch too. Remember, being eco shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be expensive, it should be achievable for everybody.

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