Get Ready For Summer: Top Tips To Help You Transform Your Outdoor Space

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As we usher in the warmer months, a notable shift in attitudes and habits is being observed in our gardens. The once-neglected patches of green in our homes are now the prime focus of attention, doubling up as extensions of our living space. A recent survey from Mind reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed triggered a newfound passion for gardening among over seven million people, and it’s easy to see why. Tending to nature not only offers a peaceful escape but also carries significant mental health benefits.

According to Furniture Village, an industry leader in home and garden furniture, the surge in outdoor living has led to an evolution in garden trends. As such, they’ve put together some invaluable tips to help you transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and socialisation.

Embrace Biodiversity with Plants and Flowers

One emerging trend is the increasing environmental consciousness among homeowners. More people are promoting biodiversity in their gardens, filling them with bird feeders, bee hotels, herb and vegetable patches, and ponds. A spokesperson from Furniture Village noted the growth in eco-friendly gardening habits: “More and more people are exploring ways to play their part in protecting and caring for the environment.”

Vibrant flowers, evergreen shrubs, and plants don’t just add an aesthetic appeal to your garden; they also attract and provide homes for various forms of wildlife. The result is a serene and ecologically beneficial sanctuary that goes beyond mere ornamentation.

Crafting Comfort with Garden Furniture

Your choice of garden furniture plays a critical role in making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting. Whether it’s a hammock for lazy afternoons or a chic garden table for al fresco dining, these elements transform your garden into an extension of your indoor living space. A Furniture Village expert advised, “Garden seating solutions will take your garden to the next level. Consider which space will be used most often, regardless of the great view you may have!”

In other words, your outdoor space can be just as essential and functional as your living room or dining area. With the right furniture, you create a haven that can be enjoyed all year round.

The Magic of a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden can bring about a transformative effect. Be it a full-sized pond, a mini waterfall, or even a simple bird bath, the gentle sound of water can infuse a calming atmosphere into your outdoor space. Keep in mind, if you do invest in a water feature like a pond, don’t forget to pay special attention to its maintenance. Investing in pond fountains and aeration systems can help keep the water circulated and oxygenated, preventing stagnation and maintaining a healthy environment for aquatic life. Additionally, incorporating a filtration system and maintaining a regular cleaning regimen will ensure that your water feature remains clear and free of debris, allowing you to fully enjoy its beauty and tranquility.

That being said, it is worth noting that investing in a water feature not only serves as a point of interest visually but also adds to the overall biodiversity of your garden. It attracts a variety of birds, insects, and even small mammals, encouraging an intricate ecosystem to develop. Plus, with the addition of aquatic plants or colourful fish, a water feature can become a lively focal point of your garden.

Introducing Outdoor Art and Decorations

Gardens are a personal reflection of your style, and introducing art or decorations can truly personalise the space. The choices are endless, from statues and sculptures to wind chimes and colourful pots. You can even incorporate DIY projects such as painted rocks or homemade birdhouses, allowing you to add a touch of your personality to your garden.

Decorative elements also serve a dual purpose. Birdhouses and feeders not only beautify your outdoor space but also invite wildlife into your garden. Similarly, beautifully painted pots can hold your favourite flowers or shrubs, enhancing the garden’s visual appeal. In essence, outdoor art and decorations provide a creative and expressive way to further embellish your garden.

Remember, your garden is not just a space for plants and garden furniture; it’s an open canvas where you can express your creativity, connect with nature, and truly make it your own.

Lighting Up Your Nights

Garden lighting is not just for visibility; it also adds a certain charm to your outdoor area. Lights strategically placed around your garden can warm up the space in the evenings, enhancing the textures of plants and shrubs. This opens up the possibility for more nighttime al fresco dining experiences and gatherings.

Furniture Village emphasises the underestimated importance of lighting in gardens: “Garden lighting is often seen as an unnecessary option, however, landscape lighting and clever placement not only extend the use of your outdoor space but also add striking ambience.”

Soft Outdoor Furnishings: The Finishing Touch

The addition of soft furnishings like outdoor rugs, cushions, and throws is the final touch in the process of turning your garden into a cosy outdoor living space. These items, coupled with garden furniture and plants, add colour and texture that make your outdoor area feel more like a ‘home’ space. 

In conclusion, transforming your outdoor space into a vibrant, comfortable haven for relaxation, socialisation, and even a bit of wildlife is a rewarding task that can bring immeasurable benefits to your well-being. And now is the perfect time to make these changes. So, ready your green thumb, shop for that perfect piece of garden furniture, and get set for a splendid summer in your revamped garden!

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