Get Up and Get Blogging Again – 5 ways to boost your motivation to write

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It comes to every blogger eventually: the inevitable writer’s block. Running out of steam whilst writing a blog is very common, and there are plenty of reasons why so many of us run out of motivation to carry on. Whether it’s a lack of traffic to our blog, we’re running out of ideas or we just don’t feel like we’re getting the recognition we deserve – especially when we put in all that hard work!

If this sounds a lot like you then don’t despair. This feeling is only temporary! To help, I’ve gathered 5 ways you can boost your blogging motivation. Good luck!

Make things a little easier for yourself

We all know that blogging can be hard work. Which (after a long day at work) can really put us off sitting down to write. So, why not make things a little easier for yourself? If you feel that your grammar and spelling is a little off, then why not invest in a spelling and grammar checker? If you’re worrying about plagiarism then try a Plagiarism service, you can even get help with citations with this apa citation generator! It’s not always easy to keep going, but if you have the right tools in your arsenal, then you’re more likely to keep on writing.

Remember why you started your blog in the first place

Everyone blogs for a reason. So, take a moment to think about what yours was. Maybe you wanted to work from home and earn a little extra money, perhaps you wanted to drive more traffic to your business page or maybe you wanted to give yourself a voice. Recalling your initial motivation might be enough to kick start yourself back into blogging action. What was your reason for blogging?

Check out your reader’s comments

If you’ve been blogging for a while, then chances are you’ve probably gained a few comments on some posts. These comments are probably from people who enjoy your content and are happy to tell you that your posts are super helpful or really relatable. Take it as recognition for all your hard work! Your content is making a difference. Also, take on any advice or even ideas they may leave you for future blog post ideas, staying up to date with communication trends will really help you to boost your blog’s visibility.

Look at how far you’ve come

You might be stuck in the mindset that you’re still a million miles away from your goal. But we can often get so fixated on that fact that we forget to check how far we’ve actually come. Look back at your past work and you’ll probably notice how much your writing has matured and changed for the better. You’ll probably be amazed at how much your mailing list, followers and subscribers have grown since you started – in which case you should be hugely proud of your achievements so far. Let that realisation boost your motivation.

Create a schedule to keep you on track

Working flat out on your blog or playing catch up when you’ve been neglecting your writing isn’t good for anyone. Instead, try to create a writing schedule that works for you, get a free blog planner or even a brainstorming session where you can map out future post ideas!

Do you have any tips to boost your blogging motivation? Let me know in the comments.

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